Blackberry Executives Get Into Drunken Brawl on Flight

Discussion in 'Technology' started by cmdrmonkey, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Sounds like a good time. RIM executives know how to party.
  2. Wow, they must require applicants for executive positions to have a personality disorder. I remember what a prick Mike Lazaridis was a few months ago when BBC dared to ask real, substantive questions about security concerns.

    The nerve of the BBC to not behave like the US media and ask questions like "Which of the amazing things about the Blackberry makes it so incredibly awesome?"
  3. In fairness, the guy asking the question made it seem like there was a security breach issue. It was actually the absolute opposite, where govt wanted access because security was too tight.

    But that guy is still a dbag since he clearly won't do interviews that aren't scripted.
  4. What bothered me was less about the individual issue and more about how he carried on. From what you've said, it does sound like he had reason to be irritated, but I think he could have clarified it in a more sensible manner.

    It's also a pet peeve of mine about the US media that they let the people they want to interview control everything because they threaten to deny access.
  5. Guy seems like a complete douche. It makes a lot more sense now why his executives behaved like huge asshats and crapped all over a flight.