Bluestacks: Run android apps on Windows

Discussion in 'Technology' started by khaid, Sep 27, 2012.


    So this is running quite well now. It's currently running gingerbread on an Android x86 emulator. Pretty rock solid. Messed around with a few apps and it runs fine. The thing is a little sluggish on my laptop (intel su7300 coreduo) though. This should be interesting once they update it to an ICS/JB build as it'll properly display in tablet mode for apps.

    So imagine this with a Windows Surface Pro tablet.

    I'm actually going to end up using it on a regular basis. I think for most people, this will end up being a novelty. But I use Google+ Messenger alot and google doesn't seem to be making a webapp for that so it's quite annoying to jump back to my phone to reply to people on that when I'm on a desktop. Everything else has a desktop solution, google voice to sms from desktop and google talk.