Bond 25 - 007 No Time To Die

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  1. I'm entirely over Daniel Craig as 007. They also need to replace the entire writing team too.

    They ruined a long run fan theory in Skyfall. Then retro-conned absurd stupidity into the Spectre backstory. They started strong with Casino Royale but Spectre might be the worst Bond movie ever.

    This trailer makes me think nothing has changed and this will be a dud. Also Bond movies almost always release in November/December. The April release is suspicious like they know they have a weak movie and want less competition.

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    Daniel Craig's acting is ridiculously wooden. He just does male model poses and stares off into the distance looking bored. Sometimes when he's really trying hard to act he will look angry. His movies are so boring. I feel like I'm watching a two hour long commercial for a new fragrance for men.

    I don't like the humorless gritty thing they are doing either. We already have Bourne for that. Bond movies have always been over the top cartoons. Attempting realism is the wrong way to go with things. I watch Bond movies for hot chicks, gadgets, humorous one liners, and cartoonish super villains with diabolical plots and easily escapable traps.

    And what the hell was with Spectre? They took a dude who is an amazing Oscar winning actor who was born to play a Bond villain (Christoph Waltz) and totally wasted him on a crappy movie.

    The Kingsman franchise is a great alternative for people like me who can't stand nu-Bond. It gets why the old movies were fun and why the new movies suck. Kingsman 2 had a dip in quality, but it was still better than any Daniel Craig 007 movie.

    Clive Owen would have made an amazing Bond, but they passed him over for the lifeless charisma void that is Daniel Craig. If they decide to make black Bond, Idris Elba would be amazing. There are good alternatives to play Bond and they keep coming back to boring ass Daniel Craig with his Blue Steel and Magnum poses.
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