Borderlands 2

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Grim, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. This one will make Monsly happy, Borderlands 2 has been announced.

    I quite enjoyed the first one so it will be nice to get a sequal. No mention of the Wii U which is surprising.,news-36123.html
  2. I was mulling over doing a thread for this but my phone has been winding me up no end. Hopefully they don't fuck up the formula with the sequel. Borderlands was pretty much perfection for me.
  3. It was kind of like Oblivion/Fallout 3 but with mutliplayer. Oddly it kept my hankering for WoW suppressed quite well as it felt like an online RPG to an extent.

    Fantastic game I have to agree and I will very much be getting the sequal without question.
  4. I think I might pick up the final DLC soon. Was putting it off but I'm in the mood for a few more games on it.
  5. Do they do a decent priced DLC bundle yet for it? I still haven't purchased any but I have some lying about the place and I managed to get my car insurance quote down another £100 last night so I might be tempted.
  6. I think there might be a bundle on the store actually; thought I saw something recently. Probably worth checking out I reckon. Knoxx and Zed are good, only Mad Moxxi is a bit lacking.
  7. the good expansions are littered with drm though. not sure how it affects it (other than limited installs), but it's all about the precedent!! *whine*
  8. I hope they don't screw this up. The first was very addictive, they could only really improve on it by writing a half decent story - but that's not really necessary. It just needs more of that feeling you get when you get a better weapon! And then the search begins to find a bigger enemy to use it on.
  9. Or maybe have half as many bugs.
  10. I'm going to see if I can be bothered to continue playing the first one before even looking at this game. I've not played Borderlands multiplayer, but it's hard when you choose to play online and it's just you running about on your own like in single player. Dull graphics, written text as opposed to voice acting... in the 21st century, I found it very boring.
  11. Graphics looked pretty good to me, especially on PC but not bad on PS3 either. There was lots of voice acting in the game, some of it pretty decent too. What you talkin' bout?
  12. Me too.
  13. I used to be a fan of cell shading back in the day (Jet Set Radio, Auto Modellista etc) but I just don't enjoy it in Borderlands, it's dull, drab, and generally low detail and overall uninteresting to look at. As for the voice acting (or lack thereof), pretty much everyone I spoke to came up with a window of text explaining quest details and so on. I heard the odd line of random dialogue from characters but nothing substantial, apart from that random voice in your head. I'd been after the game for a while and when I finally got it I was really disappointed. I'll try and give the multiplayer a go and clock up more hours as I believe in giving games a fair shot but unless it gets much better I can't see me finishing it.
  14. If you guys were playing it forever alone, then that's why.
  15. This is pretty normal with quest driven games. The quest system in this game is mostly MMO style. Get x amount of these things and bring it back to me. Filler quests for xp, and not story driven. It would be a huge waste of money for Gearbox to invest in voice acting for that. But there's plenty of voice acting for everything else that adds story to the game.

    You thought the game looked dull because you're only on the first section of the game, maybe. The game takes a whole 180 later on.
  16. It was good in single player but it really came into its own in multiplayer. I loved the look of the game too; very distinctive and atmospheric.
  17. Look at Fallout, Oblivion and Mass Effect. Full of dialogue. One of the reasons I won't be buying Borderlands 2 is because they went the cheap shitty route of having text all over the place. They've lost a sale.
  18. I'm sure you'll be sorely missed.
  19. It'll probably have an online pass anyway.
  20. Not heard of Gearbox going the greedy route but you never know. Good job I probably won't get it then.