Boston Marathon hit by explosions

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  1. My thoughts exactly. We aren't as vocal and passionate about freedom and liberty as Americans seem to be.
  2. It's easy to say that but the thought process goes a lot deeper than that. The argument is basically how far you are willing to let your privacy go until it's too far. You can give this up, and then give that up, and then all of the sudden you look back and it has gone too far. Americans already know how corrupt and inept our government can be. You have to make the government think twice before letting them get away with things.
  3. If you don't put limits on power, power becomes limitless.
  4. We have our privacy, just not in towns and citys outside.
  5. They are watching you go poopy.
  6. I'm not saying we don't care about freedoms and liberty. They're important to be sure. We just don't think about them as much as you guys.
  7. I tend to think if you're doing something outside, in public that you don't want observed, you probably shouldn't be doing it.
  8. What if someone else pulls your pants down in front of a camera? You didn't actually do it and you don't want it observed. What then?
  9. Its alright, you can buy guns to keep you protected from the explosions.
  10. some high res images have surfaced from a guy in a building near the blast

    pre explosion

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    Then you've probably got evidence against them, should you be sufficiently traumatised to do something legal with it
  12. Then some guy who may or may not be watching that particular monitor at that time may or may not have just seen your undies, deal with it and move on.
  13. FBI has some stuff now. They're looking for 2 possible suspects.
  14. Hang the fuckers.
  15. Seriously. They killed an 8 year old boy. Child murderers are the lowest of the low.
  16. Too good for 'em. Slow torturous death I say.
  17. 4Chan will find them by tomorrow night.
  18. Police say one has now been shot dead.
  19. Hopefully they can catch the other suspect alive, but the way this is going makes it seem doubtful.

    EDIT: now they're saying the suspects are from Chechnya. The guy that's still at large apparently attended high school in Cambridge, Mass. a couple of years ago.
  20. Creepy screenshot of the at-large suspects Russian "Facebook" page.