Boy Falls Onto Train Tracks While Playing PSP

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Phisix, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. A reason why hand-held consoles can be dangerous.

    The video for it is also located in the link.

    Back when I had my first PSP I actually finished work and walked to town while constantly watching and playing my PSP. This was a stupid move as I was walking along a main road, but luckily I never strayed off it. It goes to show things like this can actually happen when you are fully in to a game.
  2. People who play handhelds whilst they walk are dumbasses. How addicted to games do you have to be where you can't even walk somewhere without switching on?

    Not to mention the lack of consideration for other people. They have to avoid you, because you're plowing on regardless.
  3. They're only dangerous in the hands of complete retards. Looking at a little screen for extended periods while walking around is stupid enough, let alone when you're at the station. Walking around with your eyes closed is just as dangerous but no-one's tried to ban that because generally people are not stupid enough to do it, so why do they walk while not looking where they're going?
  4. That kid's damn lucky. If that happened at my local station he'd have been splattered all over the tracks... unfortunate that it has happened a few times there infact. Not sure of the circumstances for those train related deaths, mostlikely suicide because they tend to occur in front of the trains travelling at 80km/h (~ 48 miles per hour for you backwards people), the results are not appealing by any measure.