British humor or humour

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  1. You're probably expecting something totally gay, but this is legit greatness.

    Not quite on the level of Japanese humor, but fucking up there.
  2. lolololo, oh man this reminds me of good times at halloween horror nights.

    when he starts randomly slicing and dicing, it kind of reminds me of my character in skyrim.. this is bad.
  3. The Japanese have some hilariously bizarre porn. I was watching something the other day that combined simulated rape with go cart racing.
  4. They seem to have a no holds barred sense of humor. For example, this is supposed to be funny where they invite this guy in for an interview and simulate a sniper attack.

    Pretty sure that guy crapped himself. Rightfully so at that.
  5. hahahha. what a bunch of dicks.
  6. i love the japanese pranks. the launching chair in the sauna will remain epic until the ends of time.
  7. Yeah. These are legit funny for everyone including who gets pranked.

    This is how Americans prank, by turning kids into future serial killers.

  8. Yeah, those parents are dicks. That kind of prank is only funny when you actually got the kid a 360, and after pranking them you're like "here it is after all."
  9. I thought the Brit dude was jury-rigged to the door I was wondering when he was gonna make a mistake and really slice some dudes tummy open :x.
  10. This guy is the biggest badass in the UK. Or a goddamn lunatic.

    Hilarity starts @ 1 minute in.

  11. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL, how come they have badass dudes like him in slasher flicks