Brits Say the Darndest Things

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  1. God only knows what you would make of my South London accent then.

    As for taking the piss, well there are 2 meanings really.

    1: Taking the mickey out of someone as already explained.

    2: Not sure of the best way to word it but an example would be you have just spent 5 hours working your guts out and its home time then your boss comes in and asks you to do something that you know will take another 2 hours while he buggers off home. You would then say he is 'taking the piss'.
  2. Supersonic has obviously come a cropper by making this thread.
  3. Or just say "Your having a laugh mate".
  4. I'm from London so its more likely to sounds like 'avin'

    'You're 'avin a giraffe mate!'

    I don't think Cmdr would have any trouble with Chi as he is quite posh.
  5. Go Cockney on their asses then they won't understand.

  6. What is this class divide? Are you revelling in your commonness?

    Some people say I sound too posh, if that is such a thing. But it's mostly from Londoners. Which probably explains everything.
  7. Perhaps they mean you are too posh for a brummie? I would have expected you to talk more like Mark Williams. Did your parents send you to some sort of voice coach because they feared the regional accent would hold you back in life?
  8. I talked a bit posh when I was younger, but I started to sound gay so I took it down a class somehow.
  9. It appears I am too posh for you lot. You're all common as muck! Particularly phisix
  10. While we're on the subject. What the hell kind of word is "darndest" anyway? I know what it's meant to mean but it sounds silly. I was reading it on me dog 'n bone and couldn't believe me pork pies, I nearly fell down the apples 'n pears! No-one REALLY speaks cockney rhyming slang anyway do they? I always thought it was something the Americans made up to distract us from the fact that most of them seem incapable of pronouncing the letter "T" in the middle of words, instead choosing to substitute it with a "D".

    Prime examples.

  11. I've heard the term pony and monkey used in Eastenders. It must be real.

    And you are a muppet, armadeadn.
  12. You dizzy blud?
  13. I quite often use terms such as Score and Monkey when talking about money and do use some other slang but not too often. You still get a lot of it down on the stalls in the fruit and veg market here but I suppose you expect that in sarf London.
  14. You wish Chi you mutant. I is going to get me Devon crew massive to come and make you eat those words you bloody dipstick.

    Is it cos I is black?
  15. Devon? I believe you're mistaking Farmer for posh, my old boy. You betta wotch yo'self blud. Cos I wil cut you. You get me? I will cut you.
  16. Frutella, it's a badman sweet, you get me!
  17. [​IMG]
  18. oh god that's hilarious
  19. Hmm the black Gucci dress, the black Gucci dress or... this black Gucci dress?
  20. I could slap her with my penis and her head would crush.