Brits Say the Darndest Things

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by supersonic, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. I always liked the fat one. There was a fat one right?
  2. You're thinking of ginger spice, YOU WANKER.

  3. I always wanted to bang baby spice and Ginger when I was 10.
  4. I found another word; bodwin.

    This one is so baffling the English chap on the show didn't even know what it meant. Of course, hey used an equally confusing word to explain it, something like barmy or balmy.
  5. It would be barmy, since he probably wouldn't be a pleasantly warm day.
  6. Hmmm, I wonder what would be made of my accent. I used to always get pinned as a pommy on Xbox Live.
  7. People always thought i was an Aussie when I was in the US. I blame Paul Hogan.
  8. don't worry, people can't tell asian people apart.
  9. Based on my experience with Netflix. I found Australian shows easier to understand than shows from the UK. Almost as ironic as having 2000 spoons when all you need is a knife.
  10. Australian is a weird mix between cockney and American, so it's no wonder you can understand it better than the usual plummy english tones.
  11. Ridiculous aint it? I mean there is Asian, Half Asian, 1 Quarter Asian... I would think it's obvious.
  12. It freaks me out when English people can fake an American accent. It's just weird. Hugh Laurie is an example. The guy sings blues!


    Chuffed to bits.

  13. Yeah. Batman's from the UK also, which I never knew. If they are so good at American accents they should just use them indefinitely.
  14. I can't watch house, its odd hearing Hugh without his normal voice.
  15. Hugh's voice will always be that from BlackAdder for me.
  16. I tried to watch Blackadder. It was pretty horrible.

    So far I'm digging Doc Martin. It's very House-like itself.
  17. You don't like Blackadder but you like Doc Martin. Yeah okay...
  18. I gave Blackadder a good 10 minutes, but it insisted upon itself.
  19. No, you just don't get British humour.
  20. Hugh hardly has a thick British accent IMO, he doesn't at all sound like Mr Scott (though he did use the 'wouldn't it?' thing once in bfun's clip)