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  1. Broadchurch series/season 2 starts on Monday, can you stream ITV in the US? If not you will need to try to find it after each episode. Or try finding a British DNS server and using ITV player after it has aired. It should be on there for a week at least after each showing. ITV is a free channel so if you can get around the region lockout on ITV player you don't need to pay. *

    It was one of my favourite shows last year so glad it is back. Coleman and Tennant were great and are both back.

    * Around 95% of the top shows in the UK air on free TV between BBC, ITV and Channel 4.
  2. Did you catch this yet? Let me know if it's as compelling as the first season, because I might prefer to wait and do a marathon run. The slow weekly torture works best with mediocre shows.
  3. I did and this time it seems to have 2 or 3 different stories going on. The main cast are back and one of the stories is the fallout after Danny's death and the second one goes off on a different tangent but does have a link to series 1. I don't really want to spoil it anymore than that but there is a big surprise in the whole Danny Latimer saga which it seems is far from finished.

    I would say the 3rd story is the one about the characters and how they are dealing with it all.

    Because it is ITV it means they have ad breaks so it's only probably 50 minutes per episode but they did fit quite a lot into the first one.
  4. Saw the first two episodes. I'm a bit weary of what they are doing... this is exactly how they ruined The Killing S2. On top of that it was less focused this time because of all the parallel plots.

    Broadchurch S1 stood out because it was different.
  5. spoilers

    They are doing a great job building the Sandbrook case. The ongoing Latimer case is a snooze fest though. Audiences are much too smart nowadays for the Perry Mason courtroom antics. They need to wrap that story up ASAP, and focus on Hardy vs. Ashbrook showdown.

    Couple of cultural questions:

    1. Why were people surprised by the not-guilty plea? Nobody offered him a plea deal, why would he volunteer to do the max? It would be SoP in the USA.

    2. Why did the family have to find a prosecutor? Doesn't the government do it?
  6. I don't think plea bargains exist over here, the big difference is that if you plead guilty you get a lighter sentence from the off. If you plead not guilty but are subsequently found guilty by a jury you will get a harsher sentence.

    They did say the state would offer them one but they were worried they would get any old shit and they wanted to make sure they got a good one.
  7. Finally watched episode 3.

    I can't help but feel that Claire is more suspicious than Lee, even if she didn't do it. Perhaps she was having an affair and knows who did? When she slapped a man in the flashback you never saw his face.

    That defence barrister is harsh, I feel sorry for Ellie, she is having a really hard time.
  8. Alright, it took 4 episodes, but they finally have me intrigued with the current on-goings of the Latimer case, with that weird lady throwing a red herring into the mix. Sandbrook mystery is getting interesting now. Just realized the S2 'villian' is Jarvis on Agent Carter.
  9. Season 1 is on netflix. I'll check it out.
  10. Would be curious to see how you compare it with The Killing.

    I'm going to have to take back my criticisms for S2, by episode 5 they are on a roll. And I had quite high expectations given the difficulty finding a stream today. Only 3 episodes to the finale!

    Lee was totally doing the neighbors wife it seems. A plausible option is that Claire thought it was the babysitter and not wife and killed her by accident. But then she'd also have to kill the witness. Her character so far seems like a ditz, so unless she's as cold as ice it seems crazy.

    That is what I meant about the Perry Mason antics and smarter audiences.... it stretches the suspension of disbelief.
  11. Holy shit, Episode 6 was super good.

    The Sandbrook case is ridiculously tangled up. Claire is not the ditz I thought, but I still don't think she is the murderer. Watching a lot of TV makes me think Lee is a red herring. I'm gonna go with Lee was having an affair with babysitter and girls mom. Babysitter killed girl by mistake since she isn't confirmed dead.

    In the last 2 episodes they have turned that court case upside down to where I'm probably equally, if not more interested in it, than Sandbrook. Impressive feat, since I had written it off as boring for the first 4 episodes. The funny part is nothing is introduced that the audience hasn't already seen, so you should see it coming, but you never do... GG UK writers.

    Wish I had waited till it wrapped up and I could watch the whole season... I don't want to wait a full week now.
  12. Yeah I really have no idea where Sandbrook is going to go or the court case, they do a really good job of keeping you guessing on this show.

    Tennant and Coleman are really good on TV interviews too because they give nothing away.

    Looking forward to next week.
  13. Complete bastards but the way they ended that episode was coming a mile off.. I really don't know which way it's going to go.

    Only a week to go and we find out the verdict and possibly what actually happened at Sandbrook.
  14. Haha... just saw it. I'm just glad it's only a cliffhanger until next week. A US show would've run that as a season finale, and gotten cancelled. The world would never know!

    I'm not even gonna bother guessing about Sandbrook. At this point, I'm convinced the prosecutor sent Dexter to kill them all.
  15. I believe a third series has been written but the show generally has been a victim of its own success. Series 2 isn't going down as well and the viewer numbers are down but I expect ITV will want a third and final series.

    My guess is that he gets not guilty and series 3 will be them trying to secure a conviction again. Also the town trying to deal with the aftermath of a child killer going free and living among them.
  16. Is there no double jeopardy rule in the UK?

    I noticed a few procedural differences. Criminal cases require unanimous conviction, super-majority isn't good enough. Also, here the govt gets to have the final word not the defendant. That subtle difference plays a big role in convictions, based on how humans interpret data.
  17. Since the whole Stephen Lawrence case they decided that in serious* trials if there is new evidence an acquitted suspect can be retried. There are processes of course to getting it back to court but it makes sense if a guilty person goes free and they find new evidence later.

    *Murder, rape, armed robbery etc.
  18. What a disappointment. Didn't like the resolution of both cases. Sandbrook conclusion felt really rushed and the answers weren't satisfying. I hope to never see anybody from the Latimer case again. But you're probably right about the S3 setup.

    I think my original stance was correct. This show would work best with ONE season long case. Parallel cases with branching story-lines didn't work, especially with only 8 episodes.

    Final Verdict: 6.5/10
  19. Broadchurch series 3 about to start, let's hope it is as good as the 1st and better than the 2nd.
  20. Let me know how it turns out. That show went from 9/10 Season 1 to a 6/10 Season 2.... I hope they abandon follow up stories from earlier seasons. It should just be a fresh new mystery to solve each year.

    @AKS You ever get around to watching this?