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  1. It seems to be taking a very different angle this time. The Latimers do appear but this isn't a story about Danny and the trial hasn't yet come up.

    Brand new case, not related to Hardy or Millers pasts at all.
  2. Well I thought the final series was much better than the second but still not quite as good as the first. The change of direction really helped and I was really impressed with the parts played by both Lenny Henry and Charlie Higson, two comedians who did really well in serious roles.

    Chibnall has said that is it, no more Broadchurch which is probably the correct decision especially with him taking over Doctor Who which will take up most of his time.
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  3. Thanks... I've been meaning to ask if you thought it was worth watching. I think I'll wait for it to hit Netflix. I've deprioritized it from my download worthy list.
  4. Finally got around to Broadchurch Season 3. The first season is one of the best TV productions of all time. I remember watching the pilot for free before bed. It was so good I bought and watched the next 7 episodes until morning then called out from work lol. Season 2 was an utter disappointment in comparison.

    But they did a great job with Season 3 by going back to basics. A compelling mystery told over 8 suspenseful episodes that keep you guessing most of the way. At first I was pissed they keep revisiting the Danny Latimer storyline, but I really like the way they interwove it in Season 3. It was so good I ended up binging over the last 2 days.

    I'm kinda sad this show is over but I'm glad it went out on a high note!

    Final Verdict:
    Season 1: 9/10
    Season 2: 6/10
    Season 3. 8/10
  5. I think I watched through part of S2, but the quality seemed to have declined. I may pick it back up if S3 is better.
  6. Beth became a Timelord, and the writer got the job being the head writer of that show so can't see anything else happening any time soon if they do decide to revive.

    Try Line of Duty if you haven't seen it already.

    Also we don't tend to keep things going just for the sake of it over here, series can end very abruptly when the writers think they are ready to go.
  7. I watched the first episode. It seems like this is the English version of The Killing.
  8. Just finished season 2. I didn't care for it as I don't really like courtroom drama. I might have skipped it but the wife wanted to watch. Season 1 was pretty good but these type of shows wear me out a little.