Bruce Willis is Suing Apple.

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  1. Bruce Willis apparently isn't happy that when he pays for a song on iTunes he is merely paying for a license to listen to it himself and when he dies his entire collection will become worthless.

    To be fair, I also hate the idea of simply paying for a license to use software, I like to have a physical thing when I pay for things whenever possible. Just think all the money people pump into things like iTunes, Steam and XBOX live is effectively lost when that person dies. Not like the old days when you would still have the game on cartridge/CD/DVD or music on CD.
  2. If only I was rich, and had these rich people problems...
  3. I see where he is coming from, I have enjoyed many aspects of digital distribution (mainly less need for shelves) but I always feel like I "own" nothing anymore.
  4. Not sure I understand what he's suing Apple over. They don't actually own the music. They just make deals with the record companies to offer the downloads in their store.
  5. That's basically what I was thinking when my friend linked me this story yesterday. Willis just didn't read the T&C like 99% of the other people who buy digital content. This case could be taken to Judge Judy and she'd just explain the Willis that unfortunately the T&C was very clear and nothing can be done.

    As valiant as Willis' attempt is, even if he changes his course of action and goes against the right people (music industry) instead, he will never win.
  6. People actually still buy music? I haven't paid for music since some time in the late 90s.
  7. itunes pretty much single handedly started killing off cd album space in retail stores. they're the Steam of the music industry. there really is no competition for them much like steam.
  8. I would actually buy quite a few albums from the iTunes store if you didn't have to install iTunes to be able to buy/download them. Screw that shit.
  9. I have $50 in gift cards to iTunes. I have no real use for them as I don't pay for music and I only buy movies on blu-ray. I should probably sell them or something.

    Heck if any of you guys want them I'll give them to you for like 30 bucks.
  10. you should slap the people who got you that. don't they know you don't use an iphone anymore? or did they give them to you during your iphone days?
  11. I won them in a contest. But yeah I haven't owned anything Apple for several years.

    Maybe alterego would want them. He's an Apple fanatic and one of those law and order types when it comes to buying content.

    I could give them to him free as a peace offering.
  12. Baffle your friends with advanced techno wizardry by downloading $50 in music from iTunes, converting it to MP3, and then using it on any device that you want.
  13. Why? I can just get it for free from bit torrent and not have to worry about converting from AAC to MP3 or the annoyances of using iTunes which is a terrible program. Those iTunes gift cards are of no value to me. They're only useful if you have some weird hang up about illegal downloading.
  14. You'd also have to factor in the cost of the hard drive that you installed itunes on, since you'd be forced to smash it into shards and then set said shards alight immediately after retrieving the purchased songs from it.
  15. Butt ur killin teh induztree!!1!
  16. Youtube to MP3

    That is the easiest way to get music.
  17. This "news" story has turned out to be a complete hoax...