Bye Bye Floppies, I\'m sad to see you go

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  1. I'm cleaning house and I think it's finally time to get rid of my floppies. I'm sad to see them go so I'm creating this obituary.

    AD&D Pools of Darkness
    AD&D Death Knights of Krynn
    AD&D Heroes of the Lance
    AD&D Secret of the Silver Blades
    AD&D Dragons of Flame
    Pin Ball Cyborgirl
    Microsoft ME Boot disk
    Borland C++
    Bictcle Poker
    Kings Quest II
    Kings Quest III
    Kings Quest IV
    Space Quest II
    Leasure Suit Larry III
    Conquest of Camelot
    The Elder Scrolls Arena
    DOS 6.22
    MS Windows 3.1
    One Must Fall
    Police Quest
    Police Quest II
    Codename Iceman
    F-19 Stealth Fighter
  2. You could store 'em somewhere :)
  3. They've been stored for 15 years. I'm never going to use them.
  4. Windows ME... oh you poor poor noob :x
  5. Lol. Floppy discs. They were perfectly fine back in the day, now you couldn't store a picture from a loading screen on them.
  6. How are you getting rid of them? I hope you're not binning them, I'm sure a collector would want them.
  7. Stick them in the microwave..awesome fireworks..

    Also; highly toxic...but colourful still
  8. Someone like you monsly?
  9. I'd probably have them - I've got a few old floppy games which I like having for the packaging. That said, they do take ups lot of space and I have no way of using them so I've never bothered to get many. Just thought it'd be a shame to bin them when people would probably buy them on eBay.
  10. I've got a computer with a flopydisc drive and as such I occasionally buy DOS games off of Ebay. I don't know why but I like legitimately owning stuff, so I don't bother downloading DOS games. Anyway, like monsly said, see if you can sell them somewhere. I know that there is a market for them on Ebay at least.
  11. I suppose if I were artsy I could glue them to a board and make a wall montage.
  12. How can monsly resist the floppy charms of Epic Pinball Cyborgirl?

  13. You monster. I bet you'd convert an antique cupboard into a media unit given half the chance.
  14. lol that is very cruel heheh just think of all the struggling bits and bytes in discland!! I don't want to be pinned up momma!!