Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. We all know it is inevitable that it will come, but do you think it is a good idea? MW and MW2 were great games, but can a third anything new or original to the mix?

  2. Considering Infinity Ward no longer exists, I'm betting it will be craptastic. Unfortunately, it will probably still sell assloads because there are plenty of people who blindly buy anything with "Call of Duty" in the title.
  3. Did not know that, though the quote above says Infinity's name working along side Sledgehammer. Maybe a few of the main developers, who knows.
  4. It's Infinity Ward in name only. All of the creative talent jumped ship when Activision breached contract with them. Basically, when MW2 was a runaway success, Activision refused to pay the developers at Infinity Ward what they were owed, so they left. Activision pocketed all of the money from MW2, while the people who actually made the game got screwed. It was a typical dick move from Bobby Kotick.

    Activision is slimeball company run by an asshat, and their greed killed the Call of Duty franchise.
  5. Ah yes, I remember reading about that now. Was there not a big discussion on how they actually owned the Modern Warfare rights instead of Activision? It's a shame really as the Call of Duty games outside of Infinity Ward(World at War/Black Ops) have been rehashed lightweights compared to their work. Black Ops was okay for the story, but it was nothing compared to the Modern Warfare storeys and the online was rubbish compared too.
  6. The original Call of Duty on PC, Call of Duty 2, Modern Warfare, and Modern Warfare 2 were made by Infinity Ward. Not surprisingly, they're the only good Call of Duty games.

    The others were made by Treyarch, who aren't a real developer, and can't make a decent game to save their lives.