Can we get a Shenmue 3 this way?? (Psychonauts 2 possible publishing deal)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by knowname, Feb 8, 2012.


    I'm thinking Shenmue 3 would be cheaper since the scripts already written...
  2. Yu Suzuki has always been keen to make Shenmue III but Sega have never wanted to bank roll it. I did read an interview with him a while back stating he is after funding for it or he may bank roll it himself.

    Make it happen world!
  3. Shenmue 3 would be amazing. The first two games are unlike any other I've played. They're so rich, varied and rewarding.

    I super hope they make a third, if only to finish the story.
  4. Psychonauts was a brilliant game but I hated the jumping parts so I never finished it.
  5. Yeah I didn't find Psychonauts to be as brilliant (as a game) as many others. It's more humorous than most for SURE, and UBER witty!... but does that make a good game? It's just was not that fun to me.

    Shenmue I enjoyed EMMENSELY though. Though IT rather suffered in the humor and wit department lol. It was just fun and an artistic masterpiece.

    Regardless (and it may be all hype) I'd jump out of my shoes for a Psychonauts 2! I'd at least try it anyway...

    I'm sure that is Suzuki published S3 it'd only be released in Japan anyway...