Celebrity Spotting in REAL LIFE

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  1. I'm in some backwards country pub having lunch and who should walk in? Tony Robinson. I'm star struck I tells you.

    But that got me wondering, just who is the most famous person you've bumped into in real life?

    Mine's benny hill when I was a young kid - he died shortly after. I don't think meeting me caused it but you never know. He was sat on a bench wearing a beret, fact fans.
  2. I walked past Dom of Dick & Dom in Camden a few years ago.

    I was stood next to Simon Day at Victoria station about 10 years ago. He was eating a pasty and making a right mess, very messy eater.

    Ate near Kieran Richardson at London Zoo about 5 years ago.

    I was stood next to Richard Ayoade while they were filming the last series of the IT crowd in Croydon a couple of years ago but I think I have said that before.

    Being in Croydon I have seen most of the cast of the bill as they filmed it here, even used our offices twice. Think the only 2 I ever spoke to were the ones who shall be known as Tony Stamp and Reg Hollis.

    My dad works in the posher parts of London and is always seeing celebs but being out the outskirts here in Croydon I only have the chance if I go into town.

    * Guilty Secret: Speaking of Tony Robinson I quite enjoy Time Team.
  3. You celeb stalker. Apparently he's down in Dorset doing a series on historic walks. Heard somebody with him bitching about how bad the weather is for filming. It certainly is shit, that's for sure.
  4. Celine Dion used to have a vacation house in PGA National. I saw her out walking or rollerblading a few times and met her husband at one point. She's better looking in person, and her husband looks old enough to be her father.


    I also ran into Venus and Serena Williams at the checkout counter of the grocery store. Tallest, most built women I've ever seen. They look like Amazonian women or something.
  5. Didn't she marry a record producer? I'm sure Maria Carey did the same. The SKANKS.

    How did YOU meet her there then? Your family have a holiday place there too?
  6. My mother and stepfather had a house in the same neighborhood. And yes, that Renee guy is her producer.

    Also keep in mind this was back in the late 90s when she was really big because of Titanic.
  7. Man, you are so top of my PVC kidnap and ransom list.

    My grandad use to work in the theatres over here and he had loads of autographs of the stars of the golden era of Hollywood in a book he kept. And then lost. GAH.
  8. I've not really met any celebrity's but last Saturday I did clean a holiday park caravan for Chico where he was going to stay before he was coming down for some shows. I took a nice dump in the toilet too.

    It's Chico time!
  9. PGA National isn't 100% rich people neighborhood. I used to live close to it too. As a matter of fact, I used to hang out in there like every weekend since my friend used to live in there and his parent's only owned a chinese take-out.

    It's a pretty large area (golf community) that is made up of subsections with houses made for middle class people too.

    Palm Beach county is like that in Florida. I think it's the wealthiest part of Florida based on income on an average.. but it's on a sporadic scale. There's really rich people and pretty poor people there. You drive a few miles from PGA National and you hit Lake Park and then Rivera Beach which are black neighborhoods. If you own a small business there, you're likely to get held up in some point of your career.

    Also, Palm Beach is the other super rich part of Florida (bunch of celebrities own property there, ie donald trump). On your way there, depending on where you're coming friend, you'll drive pass the rough part of West Palm Beach. You're also likely to get held up if you own a small business there or walking down the street.
  10. I saw stuff like that in Miami - you'd go through some mega-rich neighbourhood and 5 minutes later it'd be a rough looking neighbourhood.

    I'm still going to kidnap monkey. I mean, who else here is worth the effort and the cost of hired goons?
  11. Riviera Beach is a baaaaad neighborhood. I went to high school there. One day I was driving home from school and got stuck at the railroad tracks as a train was passing. I had a crappy car where the locks barely worked. Some raving derelict homeless woman was going around pounding on the cars that were stuck at the train. I tried to lock my doors but the things barely worked and they didn't lock in time. She got in the car with me and started ranting and raving. I'm sure she was schizophrenic as nothing she said made any sense. I had a really hard time getting her out of the car. I had to circle through the ghetto a few times with this strange woman ranting and raving in my front seat. I really had no idea what to do. I was only 16, and not very experienced in the ways of crazy people. Finally when I stopped at a stop sign she got out on her own. It was one of those random what the fuck kind of experiences.
  12. Yep, Miami is another clear contender for a huge clash of upper and lower class people. That's just how it is in south florida since you got a lot of cubans, dominicans, jamaicans, and haitians trying to make a living legally and illegally. If you live down there for a year or two, you'll make more Caribbean friends/acquaintances than most people have ever met in their lifetime.
  13. After reading cmdr's last post, monsly, I'd say you'd do fine with a kidnapping of him. He's friendly enough to ride around with a schizo stranger in his car for a while.
  14. I once met Charlie from Busted a few years back when they were pretty big. Not on purpose mind. We'd gone to see April Lavigne (hey, I was 16 and had never been to a gig before) and there was a load of us waiting out back after the show where her guitarist was randomly chucking guitar picks at us when Charlie stumbled out the door, pissed as a mother fucker. He was bundled into a cab but not before he hastily scribbled some incoherent scratchings I'm assuming was meant to be his signature onto one of my friends bits of paper. He had to grab the pen back from Charlie as he went to put it into his blazer pocket.

    I met Martin Keown and Bobby Davro at some award ceremony at my brother school around the turn of the century. Anyone remember the short lived channel 4 show Sugar Rush? That's right, the one about the teenage lesbian. Well I served the guy who played her father while I was tending the bar at the Bay Tree hotel in Burford in 2008.
  15. I bumped into dermot o Leary and Jeremy kyle at Cheltenham racecourse during the races. As well as Chris aubrey, of Thomas the tank engine fame
  16. @arma: you went to an Avril Lavavavenge concert? GOOD LORD.

    And I have no idea who that guy is you mentioned serving at a bar. Don't you work at a rather famous University? Why haven't you met Stephen Hawkins or Stephen Fry yet? EH?
  17. You're next on my kidnap list BTW. Just ahead of bfun.

    I thought the guy who did the Thomas books was dead. Perhaps it was his ghost.
  18. This guy is looks about 70. He's got a wicked moustache and pony tail.

    There was another famous person I saw but I can't remember their name. Can't have been that famous then
  19. An Avril Lavigne concert. LOL.

    At least in my case I didn't intend to run into Celine Dion. I actually kind of hate that Titanic song. It was so overplayed back in the day.
  20. My brother just ate breakfast at a place the guy who played Wesley from Princess Bride was at. Tried to upload the photo but photobucket fail :(

    My sister used to deliver paper to Keanu Reeve's house in Hawaii.

    I once saw Roy Williams on Storage Wars Texas.