Celebrity Spotting in REAL LIFE

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  1. I'm not sure why places like photobucket or imageshack still exist. Just use http://imgur.com - you don't even need to make an account.
  2. @pdraggy

    You mean Cary Elwes? That dude has actually been in a lot of movies, including Glory and Saw.

    I also just remembered that I met Jack Nicklaus (the golfer) one time at a BBQ. And I used to work out at the same gym and have the same trainer as Tiger Woods. The trainer actually said that Tiger is kind of a dick and I shouldn't bother him if I ran into him at the gym. Thankfully I never did.

    This guy was my trainer:


    His routines are good even if you don't play golf. They're science based, so it's not like it's just some meathead gym instructor spewing a bunch of crap.
  3. People don't tend to become famous while they're still at Uni. Who knows, I could be hob-nobbing with future celebs right now. Unlikely. Although we do have a group of students and academics working on wireless energy distribution. One such application would be that you'd get the vacuum cleaner out and simply start it up without having to plug it in. Sounds dangerous to be honest, all that electricity being somehow beamed through the air into appliances. It'll be awesome if they can get it sorted. Also my department has an off road vehicle that can traverse tricky terrain without a driver. Neat.
  4. I don't know if he counts as a celebrity, but I also met and had a nice conversation with Robert Ballard, the oceanographer who located the Titanic, the Bismarck, the Yorktown, and PT109.
  5. you know that cary elwes guy was probly there for the bachelor party not breakfast... not sure. Robin Hood Men in Tights!! I knew he plaid Robin Hood somewhere.

    Jack Johnson's daughter also goes to the gradeschool NEXT to the one I graduated from... so I never really met him. but I could.
  6. I completely forgot until I was just reminded of her but in the 90's some of you might remember there was a girl group called Eternal. The lead singer was a lady called Easther who just happened to be best friends with my cousin (they went to school together) so I have met her on many occasions. Was sat on a beach with her just last year when we went to Airbourne (Easybourne air show), she calls my Auntie Mum. Was quite funny when she turned up at my cousins engagement party with a couple of huge body guards but I suppose that is just the way things work when someone famous goes somewhere with a lot of normal people.

    She married Shane from Boyzone and they went round my Aunties for a BBQ that the rest of my family went along too. I was away in Cornwall at the time so missed meeting him.
  7. 80's hair band and boy bands?? I don't even want to know what your into :eek: