Chairmansteve Day

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by bfun, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Just like when Columbus was given a holiday for discovering the America's and then going on to murder the natives so shall chairmansteve get his special day. chairmansteve isn't dead yet but that shouldn't matter. We can still celebrate his achievements and tell amusing but historically inaccurate chairmansteve stories.

    The first order of business is to decide which day of the year should be Chairmansteve Day. Should it be the day that PVC opened or perhaps the day it closed? Some other date perhaps?
  2. I say Feb 29th. He may have been excellent as forum dictator. But he also abdicated, therefore we should not honor him every year.
  3. The first day of PVCF I would say.

    I hear that the Chairman is actually a Saiyan sent to Earth to destroy us, but he hit his head some years ago and brought joy to the interwebs with PC vs Console news and discussion instead.
  4. Every day that reminds you of him should be Chairmansteve day; Perhaps you had a day that smiled on you with great fortune and happiness or perhaps a shit covered dog savaged you. Whatever reminds you of him should be a cause for celebration. I know that when I hear the summer wind, it whispers 'Stebe'.
  5. The very first day? SOunds good but I think only chairmansteve or khaid might know what day that is.
  6. Sounds good, there certainly should be a Chairmansteve's day, officially aswel :D
  7. We should make it every Jersday. Snookie and Chairmansteve would make a cute couple.
  8. He needs to be dead before we name a day after him. Who'll do the honours?
  9. We could probably get cmdrmonkey to poop on him. It'd be a slow death.
  10. It would give cmdrmonkey some much needed inspiration for his next scat fic
  11. You have no idea how much it sucks having writer's block.
  12. At least it's not the other type of block.
  13. Happy Chairmansteve Day!
  14. God bless you sir!
  15. Tradition dictates that everyone give me a present.
  16. How about a pancake since it is pancake day?
  17. Sounds good.
  18. ...........And where is he?
  19. He doesn't care