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  1. 80 feet huh? I live on a hill and have kayaks. But the wife wants oceanfront property (it’s reasonably cheap for a nice home in say ocean shores) but I may have to say nah to that. We can just air bnb every summer for the same difference.

  2. True story. I was reading a news paper the other day. First time I read the paper in many years. I got to the end of the page and the article kept going so I instinctively swiped up.

  3. I can’t remember the last time I read a newspaper. Or even held one.

    But don’t feel too bad. The swipe was meant to mimic the turning page right?

  4. I guess our old nemesis Buddha returned. I banned him and deleted whatever that insane garbage was that he posted. Dude needs psychiatric help.
  5. Ah, like a bad penny.
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    I threw it in the dumpster board... I liked the Adele and Jolene covers. Is that his band?

    Also, Community did the best cover of Jolene ever:

  7. will there be another wave of comedic genius after the rule of Community?
  8. No. I never heard of Community until this year... I would've previously said Arrested Development was the #1 comedy. But Community is on another level.
  9. oh damn, so now I know why the show failed. i guess i thought it was popular because my circle of friends watched it too.. did you watch it all?
  10. I did. In my opinion S1-S3 is probably the funniest show ever. Those episodes were painful funny, like gut hurting laughter to where I miss the next 1-2 minutes of show and have to rewind only to find another punchline.

    A typical comedy is:
    setup -> punchline -> cool down for laughter

    Community goes like this:
    setup -> punchline -> punchline -> punchline -> punchline -> punchline -> cooldown

    The quality slid a lot S4. But there were still some gems in S5 and S6.

    There is a lot of pop culture though. Both in Community and Arrested Development (my old favorite, and the show I think is most like it). I wonder if AD is less funny now because I just don't remember the contemporary pop culture of 20 years ago. If so, Community will unfortunately suffer the same fate in the long run.
  11. that actually aligns with what happened with community. Dan Harmon, the creator of the show was fired by NBC after the third season. the show had its own fair share of drama in its short life behind the scenes.
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    Sean Connery has died. Dude was a legend. One of the most iconic actors of all time. He was the best Bond. He's been in so many good movies: The 007 Films, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Highlander, The Untouchables, The Hunt For Red October, The Rock, A Bridge Too Far, and The Longest Day to name a few. 2020 sure is a shit year.
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  13. From Russians to Spaniards, he showed that anyone could play any ethnicity with a Scottish accent.

  14. In Highlander he played an ancient Egyptian turned Spaniard who mysteriously has a Scottish accent, while the guy who was actually supposed to be Scottish was played by a French guy with an unmistakably French accent.
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    2020 strikes again

    Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has died of pancreatic cancer

    At least he outlived his greatest nemesis Sean Connery


  16. I was surprised he kept doing the show right up to the end. Some people are really dedicated.
  17. Tommy Tiny Lister from the Fifth Element and the Friday movies died of covid.
  18. [​IMG]
    I was legit scared for the Hulkster when this movie came out.

  19. How was everyones xmas day? Get anything nice?

  20. I spent most of my Christmas assembling some swingset/jungle gym/clubhouse thing for my son. I was pretty blown away by how complicated the thing ended up being to put together.