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  1. I ate a bunch of food with family. Everybody is so happy that this year is coming to an end lol.
  2. Christmas day is a bit of a work day for Dads. This year I only had to assemble one chair which was nice.
  3. I have to two kids now so I got to have two xmas days technically which was nice especially after this shit year.

    I had one of them two days before Xmas as she lives with her mum far away and the other on Xmas day as she lives in the same town as me.

  4. We didn't really do the big family thing this year and I realized that perhaps that is what I enjoy most now.
  5. Happy New Year! The first day back to work in the new year always sucks. Vacation is all used up, no holidays, and nothing but 3 months of cold weather ahead.
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  6. LOL I forfeited like 12 vacation days because almost everyday was a vacation day in 2020.
  7. I know a lot of people had to do that. I find that I need less vacation when I'm working at home. In fact, it kind of suck because I'll take a vacation day and end up working anyways because the office is always there at home. It's not like we have anywhere to go.
  8. Kinda happy to get into a groove tbh. mizzle has horrible sleep hygiene on vacations. They reopened my office so I went back a while ago. Set up is better and I don’t work for 16 hours trying to keep my mouse moving so I appear available.

  9. I have been off work since the second week of December. Was supposed to go back this last Monday but now we are in a 3rd lockdown again so might be off even longer.

    Feels weird not being in a work routine my sleeping pattern is trash at the moment too because of it.

  10. Yep. My sleep schedule was the first thing to go with work from home. Now I nap all around and through the workday lol.
  11. An interesting short film. Will AI drones make all other weapons obsolete?

  12. Is it just me or did the random shootings stop last year at the height of the pandemic. I feel like they are coming back hard as things open back up.

    Also Colorado is really giving Florida a run for its money in the crazy ass people race.
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    It seemed like the guy in Georgia got tired of paying for happy endings and sucky sucky. The news media really danced around that aspect of it. They pushed a racism angle that I don’t think fit the case. The CO thing was some Muslim nut.

    You can tell things are somewhat normal again with this pandemic when the nutjobs are back to shooting people. There were only two mass shootings in all of 2020.
  14. The media didn't push it. The people pushed it. So the media finally decided to push what the people are saying.

    The Atlanta shootings basically is the turning point of what asian americans have been facing for the last year. Asian hate crime is reported to have increased by 150% since the pandemic started. A lot of organizations are saying it could actually be 3x-10x that given the culture of asian people that don't report it. It's really really really bad and I'm not even exaggerating. The saddest part is that it's mostly elderly people getting targeted.

    It's happening on almost a daily basis in the bay area in california and in the boroughs in new york.

    The scariest thing is that it skyrocketed when this year started. Imagine that, skyrocketing numbers on top of already skyrocketed numbers.

    The kicker? Biden actually addressed it in his first presidential speech.

    Five days later, the atlanta shootings happened.

    Getting charged with a hate crime is a slippery slope though. The perps always know you get hit hard with charges if you're guilty of a hate crime so they can say anything else as a motive to sidestep it. Dude probably fetishized asian women and had a few nuts loose in his head. That sheriff that said the guy did it cuz he was "fed up" and had a "bad day" didn't really help either. And it was later found out the sheriff himself wasn't so clean when it was dug up on his social media that he was pushing shirts about the "china virus".

    This also mirrors the case where the san francisco district attorney said the suspect had a "temper tantrum" when he shoved and killed an elderly thai man back in early march.

    all of this is just america too. i've seen a lot of cases happening in europe and Australia as well.
  15. Lololol I saw the older asian lady send her attacker to the hospital. Dude was like 35 years old and got his ass beat after a sucker punch on an old lady.

    I think lockdown has caused short tempers to erupt. Combine that with the fact that most people are just unintelligent misinformed drones and violence rises.
  16. It doesn't help that Trump keeps calling Covid the Chi-naaaa virus with emphasis on the Chi-naaaa.
  17. Is the Chinese hoax different from the China virus?

    At least we won the trade war. So what if electronics are all out of stock or cost 100% more.
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    “Chinese Hoax” is Trumpspeak for Global Warming.

    China Virus is a hoax in the Trump Cinematic Universe™, but it’s a Democratic Hoax.
  19. Violent crime of all kinds is up since the start of the pandemic, and it's up most sharply in the cities. The theory that if President Trump hadn't stated where the virus came from on TV, one particular kind of violent crime would have stayed flat while the rest shot up needs better evidence than, "the current President blames the previous President."
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    The corporate media has manufactured so many race stories that I'm pretty skeptical about anything they say on the topic. Did you happen to see the story about the aggressive college usher awhile back?

    Dear god, this racist white supremacist Nazi usher is attacking only the black people just for being black because he's such an alt-right white Trumpanzee Nazi racist!!!! I'm literally shaking right now!!!

    Or did they intentionally edit the same video footage to remove every other race including what may have been a trans student getting the same treatment to make up yet another fake race story? The story initially had no element of race, just the real story about an overly aggressive usher, but selective editing magically transformed it into another fake race story.

    I'm very suspicious they're taking typical crimes that happen to involve Asian victims to inflate the numbers as an epidemic of hate crimes motivated solely by hate towards Asians. They've grossly manipulated COVID stats (both directions) and a myriad of other topics to create or exaggerate phony narratives.

    Alternative media like TYT is probably even worse. TYT claimed an elderly Hispanic man was nearly beaten to death with a brick and told to go back to his country by a racist right wing Trump supporter but suspiciously refused to mention the attacker's name or demographics or show her picture (available online the same day as the crime). I can't imagine why...

    TYT also claimed a school's racist staff was discriminating against their black students. When I looked up the school's website, the entire staff of the school was black as well as almost all of the students there. It's tabloid caliber garbage.

    I'm sure there are cases of genuine discrimination and racially motivated violence, which I hope are successfully prosecuted, but be wary of the corporate media's hot takes on the topic because they're immensely dishonest.