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    It seemed like sexual frustration and not racism was the primary motivating factor in the spa killings. There have been other recent mass killers who were motivated by sexual frustration, including Elliot Rodger, Alek Minassian, and Scott Beierle. This type of killer usually targets women they feel have rejected and wronged them. For instance Rodger tried to kill college sorority girls and Beierle tried to kill attractive women in yoga pants.

    I was actually really surprised to see this story treated as an anti-Asian issue rather than a violent incel issue. Dude probably had a fetish for Asian women, but couldn't get with one without paying and snapped.
  2. This might be the worst crime I've ever heard of.
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  3. Calling it right now. In 5-10 years incels and neck beards will be a domestic terror group.

  4. Here is Fox News floating the idea that we might need a fascist president to fight the rampant conservative male suppression in America. It's hard not to see similarities between what's happening now in the US and what happened to German democracy in the 1930s.

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    Incels are already considered a terrorist group in Canada. Happened after an incel killed a bunch of people while trying to plow over pretty girls in a van.

    There was an amusing story recently about an incel who planned to blow up hot cheerleaders blowing his own hands off by accident while trying to make bombs.


    Conservatives are getting to the point where they can't win many democratically held elections. Even when there is high turnout like in 2020, they just don't have the numbers to win. They are vastly outnumbered by moderate and left leaning people. They aren't going to discard conservatism. They are going to discard democracy.

    I think Hillary Clinton was a weird anomaly where Dems ran someone who was not even well liked within their own party. If they had run just about anyone else they would have won in 2016.
  6. They did the same thing in 2020 and just plain got lucky... they won because of Trump not because anybody cared for Joe Biden. I feel like they don't know what their base wants whereas Republicans have dropped the facade and now openly cater to the people that will go out and vote for sure.
  7. Trump was the best candidate to beat Hillary. And probably only wins against her. Hillary has so much baggage. The thing with Joe is he isn’t Trump. Anyone who wasn’t Trump was going to win 2020, except for Hillary.

    The parties need to stop trolling each other. But the GOP has jumped the shark.

  8. I think I heard about that. Stupid. I’m glad I’m out of the game so I’m not chasing some anime catgirl idea and getting pissed when real life girls don’t walk around making aheago faces.

    At least our manic pixie girls were sort of attainable.

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    My high school girlfriend fit the manic pixie girl mold. Would not recommend dating. I thought she was quirky when we started dating but then I realized she was just crazy.

    I think the Zoomer guys all want a girl who looks like Belle Delphine, not realizing that Belle Delphine looks pretty average without her costumes and makeup.

    I also get the impression online dating has made things rough for a lot of people. It seems like you have to be really good looking to get anything out of it. I'm too old to have ever used online dating though. You had to actually ask people out in my day.