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  1. I really wish the assclowns who carry out mass shootings would just blow their own brains out and leave everyone else out of it.

  2. Honestly, we're just playing wack-a-mole when we go looking for the cause. Is it mental health, video games, not enough god, too much god, fluoride in the water, Ozzy Osborne, D&D, inequality, political rage, drug addiction, racism. When the going nuts switch flips, the ass clowns have easy access to weapons of mass murder.
  3. I think we've disproven the "good guys with guns" fallacy in a spectacular manner. If the professionally trained good guys with expensive toys are too scared to act, I don't hold out much hope for the general public.

    And lol at arming teachers. That might work. But only because it'll suddenly become a $150k/year job. You can't pay people $35k and tell them by the way you need to arm yourself because this job is fucking insanely dangerous.
  4. It might work at elementary schools. In middle or high school it'd be plain stupid. Teacher and student psychical altercations are too common. Also, what happens when you give a bunch of guns to untrained teachers in a school that has a student that wants to kill other students. Is a 50 year old teacher going to keep Johnny from taking her gun?
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    .223/5.56 will go right through a vest. Many cops are just going to nope out of that situation and wait for SWAT, as we saw in both Parkland and Uvalde. When even the regular cops struggle to handle these situations and wait for special cops, the idea of arming teachers is absolutely insane.
  6. It’s so dumb. I feel like half the country are loser internet gangsters who have transitioned to LARPing in real life. But they forgot they are unsuccessful and stupid.
  7. I always think of this guy when a Brit wonders about American schools

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    I went to Legoland over the weekend with my son. If you have younger kids who like Legos it’s a good time. I was blown away by how far they’ve come with Legos since I was a kid. Bought a bunch of Lego kits on the way out.