Chicken Nuggets

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  1. She looks surprisingly normal for someone who eats nothing but fries and nuggets, minus that nugget munching retard grin.

  2. Britain also has the boy who only ate french fries. And died at 20 from his horrible diet.

    On second thought, these stories are from sleazy British tabloids and about as likely to be real as batboy.
  3. I think these stories are real; the people involved tend to have phobias around food. The BBC have a series called Freaky Eaters that follows these types. Odd stuff indeed.
  4. She may have been on that show. Quite an interesting show though.
  5. I remember watching a show that had a woman on who ate nothing but pickled onion monster munch. A packet for breakfast, lunch, dinner. She even used to bring them on holiday with her because they might not have them at her destination.

    It's amazing what the human body can survive on.
  6. No it's amazing that anyone likes pickled onion flavour, it's all about roast beef. I never buy the multipacks because you always end up throwing away the pickled onion ones. I actually have a packet of roast beef in my bag for lunch today!

    Didn't want to open the hula hoops, only got them on Friday, must eat old stuff first.
  7. The Roast Beefs one are always eaten before the pickled onion ones in my case. Roast Beef monster munch is my favourite crisps! :D I can taste them now.
  8. You cretins. Everyone knows the flaming hot flavour monster munch are the ones to go for.
  9. Roast beef > Flaming hot > Pickled Onion

    It goes in that order!
  10. I'm afraid not. The scientifically proven scale is: Flaming hot>>>>roast beef>>>>my own vomit>>>>someone else's vomit>>>>>>>>>>pickled onion.
  11. I used to love the spaghetti ones, think they came about in around 1994-1995 shame they stopped making them really.

    You only get about 5 in a bag these days and they are tiny, when I was a kid they used to fill the bag with monster munch that were as big as your head.
  12. You ever try the Monster Munch back in the day that made your tongue go blue? Awesome crisps!
  13. Never heard of them so I googled it and apparently that was in 2005. When you said back in the day I assumed you meant the 80s or 90s which as odd because I didn't remember them. I ate a lot of sweets and crisps in the 80s and early 90s, got to love 10p packets of crisps from the tuck shop at morning playtime.
  14. I'd go Flaming Hot>Roast beef>Pickled onion for Monster Munch.

    For Pringles, I'd probably go sour cream and chive>ready salted>barbecue
  15. I used to love sour cream and in the mid 90s they were probably my go to flavour but I would say around 10 years ago they changed the flavour and now I cannot stand them, even the smell makes me feel sick. I can remember the first time I tried them at a friends house, it would have had to have been 1993 or 1994 as he moved in 1995, silly the things you remember sometimes.

    Now I just eat ready salted and barbecue flavours.
  16. Whilst I was in Hong Kong, we had some ready salted pringles and they were launching a new prawn something flavour. And they included a couple in the tube of ready salted. It was most peculiar, we'd be eating the normal ones and all of a sudden there'd be this bright pink crisp.

    They tasted awful.
  17. If you think about it, people in poor, third world countries often have to survive on just a few food staples, maybe beans and rice and occasionally some kind of meat. I guess it's not that strange that people could survive on these monotonous diets. But I can't imagine they're healthy.
  18. My brother's ex eats nothing but junk food. She looks pretty good, she's 21 though so... I worry a little about her diet. Pretty sure she'd not always been like this, I hear she used to be overweight (possibly becuse of an improper diet when she was very young) but I guess she slimmed down than went back to her old ways due to a lot of traumatic things. Just an assumption. Well anyway this stigma does exist, and I'd expect the younger ones to look perfectly fine.
  19. You don't get fat just eating bad food. You get fat by overeating and by not being active. She probably had a high body fat percentage and high cholesterol.. not exactly ideal.
  20. Exactly, looking healthy and eating healthy are two different things. As long as you don't over eat you can get away with an all junk food diet if you are young enough. It will catch up with you as you age though.