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  1. Thoughts on the franchise? I'm playing my first, Civ 5 and it's tedious as heck with the turn based system. Maybe I'll learn some shortcuts as time goes on but right now it's slooow.
  2. Civ games are slow and methodical. It can take hours to accomplish anything. I'd say they're more about building a stable economy, having a functioning system of government, and researching new technologies than anything. In fact, you usually win in combat in Civ because you can outproduce your enemies and your tech is more advanced. If you're looking for some kind of fast-paced RTS type of thing that centers around battlefield strategy, this probably isn't your game.
  3. Civilization

    Civ IV is the only one I've properly played - I really liked it. The pace was a big appeal to me - I liked having time to think and plan. It really had that just one more turn thing too.
  4. Naw I just wish it was more efficient. It would be nice to be able to queue up jobs and have workers do them when they get free.
  5. Played for a few hours tonight and finally wiped out Warsaw. Lord knows they deserved it. Well at least that's what Venice told me.
  6. Sometimes after a long game of civ I get bored and just start nuking everything. The outrage of the international community as I ruin the planet is hilarious.
  7. I haven't played Civilization since the 90's. I used to find it annoying, as you would typically win out over the other civilizations that you could see on the local map, but inevitably a freakishly advanced opponent from an unseen part of the world would show up brandishing tanks and stealth bombers while you were still stuck with Napoleonic era gear. Basically, it seemed like a cheat.
  8. I haven't played Civ V that much, as I just bought it, but I'm guessing it's still like that on the higher difficulties. I've seen exactly what you're talking about, and I'm almost certain the AI was cheating. There's just no way to advance up the tech tree that quickly.
  9. Man I was up late last night playing this. One more turn...One more turn.
  10. Civilization

    So it's beginning to sink its claws into you, eh? Get out whilst you can, you fool.
  11. Civ is extremely addictive, and combined with how long it takes to finish a match, it can turn into a massive time sink.

    There were times when I was playing Civ II where I would sit down at night to play, and when I'd look up at the clock, I'd realize it was 3 or 4am and I'd been playing the whole night.
  12. I'm conducting a massive land invasion. It's getting to be a lot of work.