Cloud Gaming (Shadow, Parsec, Rainway, Moonlight)

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  1. Anybody use cloud gaming services or have any thoughts?

    Linus did a video on software called Parsec a few months ago. He used it to video edit during COVID but it was originally intended to let you stream your gaming PC to other devices.

    Well I finally tried it for gaming and it works really really well. Like game changingly well.

    It made me think of another Linus video about Shadown Gaming. It's where you rent a gaming server for $10/mo and play your games through their 1080Ti or better. You could pay that subscription fee for years before it's worth physically buying that card.

    This stuff seems viable now for casual old people gamers like us. I signed up for Shadown but the backlog is like 2 months out lol.

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    It might be fine for certain types of games, but it would be too laggy for others. I wouldn't want to play a fast twitch shooter using a cloud service. Any kind of lag or slowdown infuriates me so I'm not sure I could tolerate it for any type of game really.
  3. I expected lag and glitching, but there is none. Although, framerates are locked 60FPS. So if you have enough bandwidth and GPU you'll get a steady 60FPS. Tested working in CS:GO!

    But I guess with high refresh monitors that may be a downgrade for most. I'm really behind on monitor tech and still haven't gamed in 144hz.
  4. I guess Google just shut down their Stadia game development studios. The cloud platform will remain, but it sounds like other companies will be their customers rather than consumers. I'm not sure what I think about cloud gaming. There are obvious trade-offs. The experience will never be the best, it will always be just good enough. I should try it before I pass judgement, but I dislike subscription services. They can be a poor value if you take a break from them. I'm also old and grumpy and no one makes good games anymore.
  5. 100% accurate.

    There is 2 types of services here.

    Streaming YOUR Gaming PC:

    Parsec and Moonlight stream your own gaming PC to other devices you own. I've been playing Steam games on my work Macbook at 60FPS using Parsec on my Windows PC at home.

    Stream your games from someone elses PC:

    Shadow Gaming. I see it as a cheap Windows VM with a 1080Ti for $10/mo. I could save a lot of money on that video card just by renting their VM. You bring up a good point about paying even when you may not be interested in gaming. I kinda go through peaks and valleys in regards to PC gaming. I suppose the VM would be wiped if I stopped playing. Something to consider...
  6. I'm also not drawn to AAA titles like I used to be. At one time I might have played 5 to 6 a year but now I'm probably down to 2 a year. Cyberpunk is probably the only game on my radar that would even need an upgrade. I'm finding myself drawn to less graphically demanding games these days. Most the games on my wish list could be run on an older 1060.
  7. I have a massive backlog of games that all run flawlessly on my 1070. It will probably take me several years to get caught up. I'm not buying any new hardware for awhile unless something dies. There's also not much coming out right now that looks interesting.
  8. probably one of the worst times in history to upgrade right now
  9. Will that end anytime soon? I’ve been wanted to upgrade since last summer but I heard Covid was impacting supply chains. Prices are probably worse off now.

    I was waiting on HDD deals on Black Friday and they worse than regular deals a year ago...
  10. not soon. but as time goes by, it'll get better bit by bit. if you're just trying to upgrade a piece here or there, not a big deal. but if you're doing a full system upgrade, it's going to be a headache.
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    It's a perfect storm of a pandemic, high cryptocurrency prices, production shortages, high demand, and scalping

    I'm glad I bought a spare video card in 2019 when stuff was cheap and plentiful on the used market. I'd be up shit creek if my 1070 died otherwise. Even if you are willing to pay the iron price on an RTX 30 card, there aren't many available.
  12. gonna be honest, I haven't gamed in so long that if my 1080ti died, I wouldn't care and just use the integrated Intel GPU.

    I bought the new MacBook air m1 a few weeks ago and that thing can play games pretty impressively with no fan
  13. Having kids will kill most of the time, energy, and motivation you once had to play games.