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  1. You know the drill by now. This is the main thread for all things Football. Whether it be the Premiership, Club or National related.

    Still no real transfer news for any teams for this transfer window, except the likes of Bently going to Birmingham. Hopefully it starts to pick up soon.
  2. So is anyone else thinking this will be a Manchester United league win for this season? They are undefeated even though they have been playing crap, and Arsenal and Chelsea are not doing well as Manchester United keep pulling away.

    On some good news. Ben Arfa should be back in training now and we are hoping for a full comeback by March. The bad news is we have so many injury and suspensions at the moment that we may start struggling soon.
  3. Come on you guys, we have a few English people and none of you are posting in here like in the original PVCF. Get off your asses and get some discussion going.

    Here is the Premiership table at the moment:,19540,11660,00.html

    West Ham and Wigan are definitely getting relegated imo. Aston Villa or Everton getting relegated will also be great, especially as all those Aston Villa fans were wankers when we get relegated to the Championship losing to them in that horrible game a few seasons ago.
  4. Football = watching paint dry. And for that reason, I'm out.
  5. Well Arsenal narowly beat Huddersfield today in the FA Cup tie. Hopefully Arsenal can hold on to their current form.
  6. Tottenham also got thrashed by Fulham today too. This season is great, any team can beat any team.

    Supposedly we will be signing Stephen Ireland on loan from Aston Villa tomorrow. Not chuffed about it really as I think we can do better and we have enough CM's in Barton, Tiote, Guthrie and Gosling when he comes back from injury. I also hear he has a bad attitude. I just hope he does not disrupt the dressing room. Barton, Carroll and Tugboat Nolan would smash him up though. Hah.

    Luis Suares has also supposedly passed a medical and have agreed terms at Liverpool for around £22.8million. I feel sorry for him to join Liverpool as they are in decline and have sucked for the last two seasons. Guess this also paves the way for Torres to move to Chelsea if they will pay his 50 million price tag.
  7. Here is one for the Newcastle fans, rumour just in Andy Carroll bid from Liverpool accepted @ £35 million!

    That's just crazy money for a striker who hasn't done ANYTHING to warrant that tag.

    The transfer window brings about some crazy prices as clubs know they can hold other clubs to ransom when they desperately need a player.

    Will have to wait and see if its true, Torres was in a Helicopter heading to London at 12:45 now he is back in Liverpool so you can't believe every rumour. Saying that they have now said the helicopter has been booked for when he agrees deal. Carroll (unproven at top clubs) and Suarez (its ok being good in Holland but doesn't mean anything here look at kuyt and kezman) to replace Torres and its cost them £57 million which is more than they are getting for him.
  8. The lad is a decent prospect but £35 million for him is too good to pass up...shame they won't spend that on new players though.

    However, Spurs offered £30 Million for the lad and we turned them down; Ashley is a Spurs fan too. So I wonder why the extra five million would be such a sweetner..
  9. This made me laugh from the Sky Sports editor..

  10. But then carroll has out scored Torres this season so that is a moot point.

    I don't think we will sell, and that money will never be used as Cashley is a twat and only want's his own gain.
  11. You also have to remember Torres has been out injured a lot AND has been playing poorly because he has shown no interest in playing for Liverpool. Get the guy motivated again and he will be dangerous, not happy about him going to Chelsea if I am honest.
  12. Indeed, my best mate is a Chelsea fan and he will not let this lie. Torres and Drogba up front together will be a awesome partnership though.

    I just hope we get in a decent winger before the end of the transfer deadline as we need one bad now Routledge has gone on lone, and signing Stephen Ireland on lone still doesn't sort that out.
  13. News is that has just fallen through.


  14. Good, I never wanted Ireland in the first place. We want class like Barton, Carroll, Ben Arfa and Tiote, not some nobcheese like Ireland.

    Good news about the second reject, but is this either us wanting to never sell him, or the fat controller wanting teams to bid even higher.
  15. All change again...

  16. Dammit. At least it is only a loan move though. We need a new decent striker to compliment carroll and a left footed left winger Imo, not more CMD's.
  17. Another one...

    So they accept a request but turn down £35 million? What do they expect to get for him?

    EDIT: Even odder still..

    And that is just in.. Not sure what to believe but I suspect he will be a Liverpool player by tonight.
  18. I'd take any stories that he's handed in a request with a pinch of salt. You have to be a geordie to truly understand the importance of the No.9 shirt at this club. Carroll is a fan and he's been given the highest honour the club can give him; that shirt alone was enough to keep Shearer at SJP despite interest from Man Utd...

    If the club are saying he's handed in the request I can guarantee that it's more about savin their own arses in the fallout that'll happen when some of the mad jack fans get up there to complain...

    I'd still wait and see; personally if I thought for a minute the club would put that money back in for players I'd help the lad pack..
  19. Carroll has signed officially now the Judas. Said he loved Newcastle, always wanted to be the legendary no9 and he wanted to emulate Shearer. I think it goes to show that you were never a geordie, but just mackem.
  20. stop crying £35 million is a cracking deal for Newcastle especially for a player who is just a bit better than crouch/ Heskey.

    I'm gutted Man U haven't signed anyone decent. although we don't really need any new players some defensive cover and a new midfielder would of been nice though