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  1. Berbatov and Owen need to be replaced for some class, they just don't seem to be as good as they should. Owen is a juda's too.
  2. I agree with you on Owen he isnt anywhere as good as he once was but he can pop out of nowhere and score Important goals, I always saw him as a replacement for the legendary Ole Gunnar solskaer.

    as for Berba I like him he's a quality player who has been banging in the goals this season although he is far to lazy but again on his day can be totally Unplayable against.

    I can see us going unbeaten all year this season if we keep Injury free and fergie doesn't tinker with the squad to much

    can't wait to see them big money transfers.
  4. This window has been horrible. We have loaned and sold players, and have only signed Ireland. What a joke. Roll on the summer if we don't get relegated.
  5. Least you got rid of Xisco he was even worse than the other sisqo and thats saying something!
  6. Indeed. That has saved us his 80k a week wage. Supposedly we were trying to get someone in the last of the time after Carroll, but they say this every year when it doesn't happen.

  7. I find it slightly funny that Carroll has been given the number 9 shirt by Liverpool lol.

    I can see you struggling to stay up now after all the people you've sold.
  8. Yep, they are trying to piss us off. Just because Liverpool got two new players in, it does not mean they will get out of trouble they have been in this season. I also thought they were in debt but they can splash out over £50mil. Hmm.
  9. calm down, calm down, calm down...

    there not in debt that got bought out not that long ago remember, I would laugh so much if they managed to get relegated
  10. Woooo! another win for manchester United, were winning the league this year methinks.
  11. A bad night of football for Newcastle. We lost to Fulham by one goal. A goal that was once again down to an ex-Newcastle player. Ameobi is also out for 6 weeks with a broken cheek. That is another Striker loss. Will the misery not end.
  12. do you actually have any fit strikers left now?
  13. Best, Lovernkrands and Ranger, but all only have a few games under their belts this season. basically, The Fat controller and his side kick has fecked us up once again, and we may even be relegated if the current team cannot score goals.

  14. Thats a championship grade forward line if ever I saw one! saying that your making a hell of a comeback today your were 4-0 down and now its 4-4!

    Its gonna be an awesome Match of the day tonight its been an absolute goal feast In the Premier league.

    heres the scores so far today...

    stoke 3-2 Sunderland
    Aston villa 2-2 Fulham
    Everton 5-3 Blackpool
    man city 3-0 west brom
    Tottenham 2-1 Bolton
    wigan 4-3 Blackburn

    and Manchester united vs Wolves is yet to kick off :) apparently there's 33 goals so far today and its not over yet, I might just have to cancel My night out to stay in and watch match of the day later.
  15. I was at the match. I'm now in the pub over the road from the ground. Unbelievable game...match of the day should be good tonight
  16. Lucky fecker. I hope you did not leave early like those others did. What a match. I was at my mates house at the time of halftime and his missus was ripping it out of me. Especially as she is a Gooner. She was quiet by the time we scored the 4th. Tiote's volley was amazing.

    Come back kings. Who needs carroll that Pikey judas!!!

    Manchester united also lost to Wolves and the Unwashed lost too. A great day of football.

    And once you do down that way to Arsenal you don't come back. Another record broken by the mighty Toon!
  17. I was tempted, but it's rare that someone gives you their season ticket for a match against a quality team like Arsenal so there was no way I was going to leave. Unbelievable comeback. In the first half we looked like a league 1 side; no tackles, poor timing, poor passing and the players were falling out with each other. Second half it was like another team came out. Even if Arsenal hadn't been down to 10 men I think we'd have still got that game back.

    You have to laugh though. A gooner snook into the home end and was in the seat next to me. At 3-0 the smug bastard couldn't help but lean in and show me his Arsenal badge hidden under his lapel; different kettle of fish at the end though. Everyone in our area knew he was an Arsenal fan and when Tiote blasted that last goal in they all piled forward to give him some aggro and rub his head. Not bad aggro, but good jovial aggro. We're very good with away fans, they can even safely drink in the Strawberry directly opposite the ground...but yeah...MOTD was nice for a rewatch; had to tone down the singing. The song at the end, 51000 people singing was:

    "4 nil and you f***ed it up, 4 nil and you f***ed it up" to the tune of Go West. Great.

    History in the making too. No team has ever come back from 4-0 in the premier league. But what a weird day for football in general; 41 goals in a day? ManUre losing to Wolves? Everton had blinder as well...Oh, the filth down the road were beaten by Stoke too. Nice result but I kinda wanted them to win if only to keep stoke down the table a bit more.

    But screw those other teams....Best game today was at St.James Park.
  18. It is a shame Ranger and Nolan missed those chances near the end, we could have snatched all 3 points and made this record even better. Hah, all the Arsenal fans are saying Barton's tackle that led to Arsenals red card was a nasty one. He took the ball, and even the guys on MoTD said it was a good tackle.

    It makes me think, this team has beaten, drawn and done amazingly well against a lot of the tops this season, and us Toon fans know we are no where near the top 6 teams. Why is it when we play our best we always have to wait for something bad to happen. At the 6-0 thumping of Aston Villa we went a goal down first, and even today we played like shite and came back from a 4-0 smashing by Arsenal.

    I think if we get that £35 million to spend in the summer on class like Barton, Uncle Ben and Tiote we can finally break our way back in to Europe. We managed to get both Benny and Tiote, so people still think of us as a great team, and the history still speaks for itself.

    Also, did you hear about Pardwho saying at the moment we are basically a "selling club" and that if a big enough offer came in for Tiote they will take it. This makes me mad, we need to be keeping class players, not selling them and getting in worse players. Tiote is our Essien.
  19. To be honest, any club thats not in the top 4 is a selling club; an offer comes in that you can't refuse and that player is gone. That said, I think that any offer for Tiote would have to be astronomical in order to encourage them to sell and I think he's happy at this club where he's adored; just watch his celebration after his goal.

    The £35 Million we got for carroll will buy some players but also pay salary. I think that's a good deal if it means we can offer the best players like Barton, Enrique, Collocini and Tiote the kind of money that makes moving seem less worthwhile.

    Next year, the FIFA fair play rules kick in and teams like Chelski and Citeh will effectively push themselves out of competition if they make the rules stick..
  20. The thing is, a player can stay if he wishes. Fathead tried to sell Barton, but he did not want to leave, so he stayed. Carroll could have stayed if he wanted. He had a brand new five year contract, but he is a Judas pikey mercenary. I bet he fails at the bin dippers.

    The big question is: Will Ashley give us any of that £35 million? As we are clear of debts that money is now money he has made, and we all know he is a big gambling-aholic. He did say well before Carroll left that he would give us £20 million, but with the full amount or more, we can get some quality players in which can help us go to places we have not been for years. We are needing some creativity in the midfield. Barton, Benny and Tiote are the the only ones, and Nolan is getting slow and annoying now. We need a decent right-back to replace Perch and Simpson is okay so he should stay. Williamson is pissing me off now so we need a replacement for him to partner Collocini. Then finally we need some new Strikers.

    Supposedly Pavluchenko of Tottenham want's to leave. He would be a great addition if we could get him on the cheap. Especially since his contract runs out in the summer and he does not want to stay. We should somehow poach Adam Johnson from Citieh, he is quality. Ben Arfa on the left and Johnson on the right with Barton and Tiote in the middle. Sexy times.