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  1. Here is that amazing volley by Tiote:

    His weak foot too!
  2. Steve McClarren got sacked by Wolfsburg the other day, must admit that that made me chuckle somewhat, while on an England related Note I'd like to Remind everyone that were (England) Playing Denmark tonight and it's On Itv :)
  3. I won't be watchin as I need to shave my elephant....

    Seriously I have NO Interest in the England team whatsoever, boring team, boring games.
  4. I'm hoping the Elephant comment isn't a euphemism for your penis!

    as for the England I agree that were not very good but You should support your country and plus it's a chance for Bentner to prove one again how crap he is and we're Using new players so we might play half decent for a change... Or terribly, only way to find out is by watching the game :p
  5. Boring myself to death infront of ITV1 HD isn't exactly my idea of a good night in, infact the prospect bores me so much that I would rather sit and talk to the wife.. FOR A WHOLE HOUR!
  6. ITV1 HD? Isn't that the channel where they show adverts as a team is about to score? No wonder you don't want to watch football anymore ;) why don't you sit in front of the tv talking to your wife that way you can claim the football is making you bored and tired ;) Jks
  7. That might just push me over the edge, how many people do you have to kill before you are considered a serial killer these days.. you know.. just out of interest.
  8. I have no idea I've killed seven times so far and No-one has batted an eyelid although they were seven Chav's so that might be why.
  9. Good day for Arsenal, but Rooney totally stole the show with a very cool goal he scored (and especially against a rival team).

    The gap is still the same, Man UTD needs to draw and lose just a few more for Arsenal to catch up ;)
  10. Another draw, and against Blackburn for us. We tend to lose a lot of Blackburn so a draw is good. We still have a game in hand though.

    Aston Villa are only two points off relegation places.
  11. I remember there was one season where Aston Villa stayed on top of the league for like half a season. Can't imagine them being relagated though.
  12. Anybody see Rooney's goal the other day? It was simply world class, so glad we beat the scum!
  13. Why not? No one thought Newcastle would get relegated, but we still did. West Ham should do, especially after all that Tevez crap.

    We play Birmingham tonight. They are 2 points below us, so we "need" to win to avoid those relegation areas.

    I also just found out we signed some 34 year old Striker as back up on a free. A man by the name of Kuqi.
  14. He's Crap he used to play for crystal palace, he was fat and slow as hell, he had a funny celebration though.
  15. I live near Selhurst park and have seen him play, his first touch is one of the worst I have ever seen.
  16. He was truly awful, on a side-note if you live near selhurst park why didn't you try to punch Simon Jordan In the face really hard while you had the chance!? just for the haircut alone!

    anyone looking forward to the champions league and premier league games today I think AC Milan vs Tottenham could be Interesting and the Newcastle Birmingham game is guaranteed to be a bit feisty.
  17. I was sat a couple of rows from him once.

    Wont be watching tonight but tomorrow I will be, hope it lives up to its billing.
  18. No, but I am looking forward to the Arsenal vs Barcelona game tomorrow. That is going to be one hell of a game, but if Arsenals defense cannot hold out against us, Barca are going to demolish them.
  19. Well. It turned out to be a miracle win to Arsenal. So happy about it. I don't care on what will happen at the Nou Camp. At least we won. We beat the team that demolished Real Madrid like 6-0 or something...
  20. Only saw parts of the game but it seemed to be a cracking match. I can't see them beating Barca to the next round though.