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  1. Arsenals first win over Barcelona too. I watched the game. If Barca put away half their chances they would have smashed you, but they seemed to get lazy after half time. Great game though.
  2. I am really looking forward to United vs Crawley Town tomorrow. I know its not going to be 90 minutes of fantastic football like the Arsenal vs Barca match but seeing a team 90 odd places lower than United go to Old Trafford is what the FA cup is all about.

    They money they must be making from this cup run will be doing the club all sorts of favours and they will probably make more money from tomorrows game than they would in a few years normally. I have seen numbers such as £1 million being thrown around which for a club in the conference (blue square premier or some old shit these days) is a big lot of cash.

    Not to mention the experience of playing in front of 76,000 people at one of the best stadiums in the country.
  3. And the lower teams always seem to do wonders against United in these cups. Especially is Sir Alex puts out a younger side like always.
  4. More Champions League tonight Chelsea have an easy Game against FC Copenhagen so there should be a few goals in that game and Lyon are playing Real Madrid It should be Interesting to see if Real can get past the last 16 for a change.

    I'm Hoping United can stuff Marseille Tomorrow as well although we have 5 or 6 players out apparently so It could be a tight nitty gritty 0-0 or 1-0 game, Unfortunately I'll be out Clubbing so I might not be able to watch it all. :(
  5. What a Carling Cup Final we had this afternoon. It was Arsenal vs Birmingham City. Everyone's money even including mine were on Arsenal smashing them for their first cup in a few years. How wrong were we!

    Both sides actually started strong but after a while Birmingham gained a corner and after a rebound off a players head Zigic jumped high in front of the keeper to score with his head. This drove Birmingham on to push and stretch Arsenal. This continued until Arsenal were attacking and a loose ball bounced to Arshaven's feet and after a little run he crossed the ball in to the area where Van Persie did a side scissor kick "around" a defenders body to score. As you would have guess, the rest of the game featured Arsenal rampaging Birmingham until an ex-Newcastle Striker: Obafemi martins came on. After getting a free kick Birmingham punted the ball towards Arsenals goalkeeper and because of a defender and the keepers mistake the ball bounced to Martins feet with an empty goal and the easiest goal you could score. 5 minutes remained and then it was all over.

    A well deserved win for different team for a change.
  6. I'm still in shock at how bad the refereeing was last night at Chelski. How Luiz wasn't sent off I'll never know, not only did he floor Rooney after receiving a yellow he did the same to Hernandez in front of the ref. I know there will be calls of justice after Rooney's elbow at Wigan after he was obstructed but do two wrongs make a right?

    Referee's are supposed to be professional now not amateurs like Atkinson last night. I'm sure the commentator even called him Rowan instead of Martin cos he certainly officialled like Mr. Bean.

    And the penalty, please someone explain that to me, the more I see it the more it should have been a yellow for diving. Smalling kicked the ball and then the Chelski player dived over his leg he kicked the ball with. It wasn't a tackle or even an attempted tackle, he kicked the friggin ball. The only penalty was John Terry's blatent handball in the first half.

    United should stop going to Stamford Bridge, wave the game and let em have 3 points cos that must be 3 or 4 years on the trot now that the ref has robbed us down there.
  7. It's karma. Any other player in the prem would get a 3 match ban for the conduct displayed at Wigan but because it's ManUre and Rooney they don't even bat an eye lid. If the FA had the balls to act against ManU Rooney wouldnt have been on the pitch to be fouled in the first place.

    The FA probably won't act on SAF's comments about the ref but any other premiere league manager who openly criticized a ref and blatantly said they're corrupt and/or crap would get rebuked and fined.
  8. It has nothing to do with the FA, it is a FIFA rule, if the referee has dealt with an indecent then there is nothing that can be done. See Flamini's tackle only 3 weeks ago for another example.

    Ashley Cole also shouldn't have been on the pitch and should be in police cells for shooting someone.
  9. Thats not entirely true. Joey Barton was banned after an incident which which was reviewed 'after' the ref had supposedly dealt with it. Barton was stupid to thump Pederson and deserved the suspension; there is certainly a precident to suspend players for poor conduct after the game and Rooney definately should be on the recieving end of a suspension.

    And yes, I forgot about Cole. Another moron who should definately have been in the nick instead of playing.
  10. But it is stupidly rare and only seems to happen in the most extreme cases such as Ben Thatcher which did serious damage to Mendes. I agree Rooney should have been sent off in the match but if you start punishing players after a match then where do you stop? Review every foul in a game and give retrospective yellow/red cards to players that maybe deserved one? Change the result of matches because a player took a dive and won a penalty or someone was offside?

    I can understand why FIFA has the rule to stop this sort of thing being called for or happening but it is always going to cause controversy when something does happen.
  11. I disagree that Rooney should have been sent off, I think people say it should have been red simply cos it was Rooney, a yellow would have been fair.

    If you review what happened you could see that Rooney was running and then obstructed so used his arm to get around the player, his arm was straight on contact and not a vicious elbow as some say.

    He got around the player and carried on and the player did his theatrics and was up and running in no time.

    We see far worse every week but unless a player is badly injured you hear nothing more about it.
  12. Doesn't anyone ever learn? Manure will always be given leeway from the referees. That is how it always is, and that is how it will always be.

    Wait...what has Ashley Cole done now?
  13. What a load of nonsense. You don't see worse than that every week, at all. What you might see are clumsy challenges but very rarely do you see a premeditated assault on another player of the calibre Rooney did.

    There is absolutely no excuse, at all, for a professional football player to elbow someone in the face with such blatant malice; you can't say it was accidental since it was clearly avoidable and the video on MOTD showed that. Shrek clearly went in to hurt the lad. I think it's fair to say that Rooney was not only lucky that the ref was feeling a bit generous, but if McCarthy had done what most footballers do today and went down there's no doubt he'd have had to walk...

    SAF is as bad as Wenger these days when it comes to complaining about footballers having the audacity to even tackle his players but it seems his own squad are at liberty to assault anyone they please.

    Rooney is a dirtbag. He's already alienated a lot Man U's fanbase with his contract antics in the summer, he showed his (in)ability to play during the World Cup (as well as show off his love and regard for the fans who paid good money to travel there and see him perform like a fat porker) oh and of course, he likes to shag cheap tarts behind his wifes back. He's a real hero. He's as bad as Barton; except Barton is having an absolutely blinding season and no one will acknowledge him because of his reputation.

    Clearly playing for Man U seems to be a free pass to be a complete shithead. Or Chelsea where it's perfectly acceptable to shoot people.
  14. Indeed, but other than that fairy tap to Pieterson in the Blackburn game, Barton has been a real professional, and an outstanding player this season. Look at the Wolves game. They went out to foul and wind Barton up to get sent off and he took it like a man.
  15. I think it's fair to say he's actually worse than Barton; at least Joey holds his hands up when he's been caught. Rooney and SAF were going to try and claim "self-defence"..infact, they might have.
  16. The fact that McCarthy didn't go down shows the incident for what it was. Let's face it if you get elbowed in the face it's gonna hurt, Rooney was rash and deserved a booking but his arm was stright on contact so it wasn't the malicious elbow everyone makes out. McCarthy took a bit of arm in the face but he was fine. Let's be fair, if the ref had actually seen the incident he could have sent Rooney off but he could have also booked McCarthy for blatant obstruction.

    Is Rooney as bad as Barton? No chance, he's no angel but when he starts putting cigarettes out in peoples eyes then we can compare the two.

    Barton is having a good season and I would put him in the England squad on form alone but he's not on the same level as Rooney.
  17. Typical response from a Manure supporter. An elbow to a face that bad is a straight red.

    Look, that is intentional!

    Did Rooney not once smash up some guy for either looking or saying something to his wife in a nightclub? They are both thugs, but at least Barton is trying to sort his life out.
  18. No, it just means that he's one of the few professionals left that appreciate the game is a contact sport and don't want to go down just to earn a free kick and get a player booked; he is, after all, not a Man Utd or Arsenal player. I'm sure at the time he might have wrote the incident off as accidental but anyone who's watched the video can see Rooney lead with his arm with the intention of decking McCarthy in the face.

    Oh the cigar mean that incident that happened years ago? I think we'll compare Barton and Rooney on recent for eh? Barton, a professional who plays his heart out every week for a club he's come to love, is willing to take a pay cut to stay at, doesn't touch a drop of booze and is having his best season in football. Rooney, an overpaid fatty who held his beloved club to ransom for an improved contract he didn't deserve while shagging cheap hookers behind his wifes back and partying it up with his mates and not to mention his almost shameful performance at the World Cup and his shameful behaviour. You're right; the two aren't even in the same league.
  19. I just don't see how the top teams get away with so much. They also get help from referee's The amount of times I have seen them get a last minute penalty sickens me.

    And what about Ashley Cole and bringing a loaded weapon to work? i though it was illegal, but his manager says he shouldn't be sacked. What a joke.
  20. If one of the big teams came in for Barton in the summer he'd be off like a shot, same applies to Nolan who gave Liverpool a come and get me too when Carroll decided to move up.