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  1. Yeah but of course a big team wouldn't come in for him because "fans" like you have turned him into a pantomime villain; I'm sure Joey would just love to play for one of those teams whose fans make sure they spit at him or throw coins at him when he takes a corner or a throw in. You're sort of right though, given his form this season I bet a lot of clubs would be willing to finally forgive Joey his past indiscretions but whether he'd forgive the fans for the abuse, or the managers for constantly trying to paint him as a villain when he goes in for a tackle is another matter.

    And yeah, Carroll. Let's talk about him. Carroll only left because his gambit in trying to force the club into giving him a new contract failed miserably and instead of being given a pile of cash he hadn't yet earned he was shipped off on Mike Ashleys helicopter for a whopping £35 Million from Liverpool who for all we know could have bought the next Michael Ricketts; sure he could turn out to be the next Alan Shearer but at the money I'm glad the club took the chance. It was great business and if you believe what Carroll had to say about the transfer to the local rag and fanzines he didn't want to go and claimed he was "made" to sign a transfer request. Not the sharpest knife that lad clearly. If that money buys a couple of new players and pays the wages for ones we want to keep then, fantastic.

    And since Nolan practically runs the club from the dressing room it'd be a surprise if he went either. He could have left when the club was relegated, same with Barton but they chose to stick around. However, if Liverpool did want him and he wanted to go then they'll have to pay the asking price; we're not averse to taking scouse cash. And yeah thanks for mentioning Nolan; I neglected to mention earlier how our "average" midfielder has so far this season outscored Man Utd's highest paid striker.

    Even if they were to sell, if they keep bringing in players of the quality of Tiote and Ben Arfa and Collocini I'd be quite happy.
  2. You really think that? Some players actually do have loyalty. Take Tiote for example, there were rumours he turned down Chelsea on deadline day as he loves our team, the town and the supporters. For one, Barton knows that the Geordie's are the only ones who have and will stick by him. Everyone else thinks of him as a thug. Mike Ashley also tried to get him out of the club but he stayed. That showed he want's to stay too. Nolan would go, especially after he bigged up Liverpool about Andy carroll a little while ago.

    Wait until Ben Arfa is 100% fit and we have signed Gervinho and a few more good players and watch your teams back. Because we are due revenge on everyone for slating us for the last god knows how many years.
  3. Well, at the least the FA have had had the balls to charge SAF over his ref remarks the other night. Let's see if they actually do anything about it and give him his touchline ban.
  4. I haven't slagged off Newcastle, the more northern teams in the top tier the better as far as I'm concerned. I would like to see Leeds back there even though the girlfriend is a Leeds fan.

    The problem with Newcastle is their inabilty to remain stable, Mike Ashley needs to go if they are to be rebuilt into a true premiership side again. Everything was going great this season and he showed his true colours by sacking Hughton. I'm sure this was a big reason for Carroll going.
  5. We have been stable all season. We have come out of debt and Ashley has made us secure. yes he is still a lying bellend who we still don't trust, but we have no debt, stability a better policy on buying and we have a group of lads who actually work together and are all friends. We also have a few world class players and we now have a bright future once again. That is if Ashley does not stitch us up with the Carroll money.

    The Hughton sacking was a major blow, but Pardwho is actually doing quite well. Hughton loved to be cautious with play so if we scored he would go defensive and if we were in trouble he would not make any drastic changes whereas Pardwho has and that has helped us in some great games and great comebacks such as the Arsenal game.
  6. Actually, I'm starting to think Mike Ashley might have a plan after all. Pardew was a worry when they replaced Hughton with him but so far he hasn't set a foot wrong. The players have all come out to say that they're impressed with his tactics and his training and after seeing the comeback against Arsenal, the first time any team has come back from 4 goals down and his subs against Bolton were, at the time worrying, but seemed to work. We're unbeaten in nine games and hopefully come saturday we'll jump ahead of Sunderland and Liverpool.

    I'm not forgiving MA for his shitty running of the club so far but this season things have been looking a lot more stable; they're playing decent, attacking football. They've got some decent players signed and we just need to make sure Barton signs his contract. I'm not too worried about Nolan since I understand he loves living up here and he genuinely wants to help the club re-establish itself. Of course, if Liverpool came in with an offer for him that was decent I'm sure he'd relish the chance to play for his boyhood heroes and I wouldn't blame him. I think Enrique will go because he's by far been one of the best, if not THE best LB in the prem this season and someone will want to snap him up. Liverpool are supposedly after him but he'll want CL football and he wont get that with the scousers...hope he stays though.

    Also, when the fair play rules come into force we'll be in good stead; the club is turning a profit.

    As for Carroll. It's transpired in a lot of the local fanzines and mags that he DID demand NUFC met the wages Liverpool were offering. Unfortunately for him he's as thick as mince; they couldn't sell him against his own wishes and he handed in a transfer request thinking that it would be some kind of bargaining chip to get the wages he wanted at Newcastle. Instead he found himself on his way to Liverpool and apparently goes to Boyzone concerts with KD these days...which is a bit bizarre. They reckon he's gonna get a start against Man Utd. Anyway, as for the Carroll move, I have no idea what he was thinking. He's not guaranteed to get silverware this season. They simply dont have the sqaud to challenge for anything at the minute and knowing KD's ability to dismantle perfectly good teams I'm sure he'll have them down in about 13th soon enough.

    Also, what about Toure at City? What a fkn moron. £250k a week and he just effs up his career in one shot. No coming back from that I think...
  7. What has Kolo done now?

    Carroll is just a greedy twat. He got to be the clubs legendary number 9 with ease which hundreds of Geordie boys always dream about and he fucks the team and fan loyalty by being disloyal. I hope he fails at Liverpool and that we also finish above Liverpool and get into Europe. Then we will be regretting it.
  8. This is starting to get worrying now. This thread has not been as active as it once was back on the original PVCF. Are you guys off football now or what?

    Anyway, Liverpool and Man City both lost in their European games tonight. I am hoping Liverpool lose the next to get kicked out of Europe and then I hope they lose out the 6th placed spot to someone else so they lose European football next season.
  9. Some guy from Qatar is tipped to replace Sepp Blatter soon. That's good news because Sepp Blatter is a prick.
  10. I've kind of drifted away from following football as closely as I once did. Not sure why; seems to be a bit too predictable and I don't care much for the current big teams.
  11. Predictable? This season has been the best for years. Any team can beat any team. Newcastle have taken apart some top teams, and even the bottom teams have too. Once these new rules come in the top teams except Arsenal may struggle.

    I do not see why, they have only just started playing football, an unknown football nation until they somehow wona world cup host place. Money talks.
  12. As long as Blatter is out I don't ask questions. That man is beyond farcical.
  13. Obviously, but I find it weird that someone from a non footballing country can become the president of UEFA. Especially since he probably won't know about much football as other people.

    They are only doing this so they will have a connection to Quatar's money.
  14. Anyone watch the Manchester United vs Arsenal F.A cup Quarter Final today? Arsenal were all over Manchester united most of the game, but Manchester still won. Arsenal are useless and they need to change their game play as it never really amounts to much.

    Scholes was a dirty bastid too, but got off with a slap on his ginger wrists.
  15. What is this?
  16. A simple typo. Won I meant.
  17. Shocking week for English teams In Europe, Liverpool, Manchester City and Rangers all knocked out of the Uefa cup And Either Manchester United or Chelski will be going out of the Champions league (hopefully Chelski) as they have each other in the cup.
  18. Rangers are Scottish, lol.

    Interesting draws, especially the Real Madrid vs Tottenham draw. Barcelona got a shit team though. Figures.
  19. Yeah I meant to say British but hey, same thing, Real VS Tottenham is gonna be amazing wouldn't surprise me if there was 10 or more goals between them over two legs.
  20. Getting pissed off with Newcastle. We keep bottling it against the shit teams and teams below us. 4 points from the relegation places now. If we manage to stay up Mike Ashley best invest in a new squad or there will be hell to pay.