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  1. 18 year old Juan Agudelo scores the equalizer for the U.S. versus Argentina in a March 26th friendly in front of 78,000+ fans at the New Meadowlands. Awesome!!

  2. I'm Looking forward to England VS Ghana tomoz should be a good game, Unfortunately Capello will most likely put out a reserve side but at least we might get a glimpse at some emerging talent.
  3. Capello has sent home some of the experienced players like Rooney and Lampard after seeing how well the younger and better ones played against Wales the other day. Good idea too. Hope it is on normal TV too this time.
  4. Nah it's more to do with the fact that the football clubs don't want key players getting Injured but it should be Interesting to see what the final squad is, and yes it's On ITV at 7.30
  5. Newcastle united vs manure tonight. Hoping manure are a bit tired after playing on Tuesday and Saturday. Should be a great game nonetheless. 1-0 to the Toon!!
  6. I'm going to the match; I think 1-0 is a bit of a high hope..although I guess anything is possible.
  7. I missed the match on Skysports as my mates PC fucked up and he had to update from Vista to Windows 7. I had the updates on his I-Phone though, and it sounded like it was a good match. How was it from the ground? Great result though, and this should all but keep us away from relegation. Blackpool next, and a win will 100% secure us.

    Also, how did Ireland play and how much crap did we give Owen?
  8. It was a very good game; end to end stuff at times. It's not quite as one sided as some of the papers made out this morning. If we'd had a decent striker up front there were at least 3 crosses from Barton that would have found the back of the net.

    I tell you what though, Nani is a right cheating bastard. Seriously, he'd just fall over at a touch and it was painfully obvious what he was doing. It's a shame Ferdinand wasn't on because he pulled Nani for his diving not so long since. Giggs also appears to be completely exempt from the rules of the game; five blatant fouls and not one card but Tiote, (who was exceptional again), got booked in his first tackle...

    The penalty stuff is a bit controversial. Newcastle should have had one for Lovenkrands being taken down for sure. Hernandez did make contact with Simpson but it was nowhere enough for the pen to be given; if he'd not done that bizarre bunny hop before he went over he may have got it but his play acting got him booked.

    Man Utd looked a bit lost to be honest with you. Hernandez missed an absolute sitter but Krul was fantastic in goal..I think the 0-0 was fair..if the pens had been given it would have still been a draw.

    Oh and Owen got a tonne of grief when he came on. Even the normally quiet ends of the ground gave him stick..and rightly so.

    Cracking match though.

    I took some pics...some are a bit ropey cos my camera settings on the my Galaxy were set to 1940's protype colour camera or something. We hit the ground early to get a pint or three before the game so I went up to get some pics for you since I know you're a secret Man U fan :p

    Rooney and Hernandez warming up..shit quality but clearly Rooney from the ears

    All of the Man U team warming up...


    A panoramic shot from where I sit in the ground
  9. I will slap you if you don't take that back. :p I hate Manure. Been Toon my whole life.

    Good stuff, Ichi. This goes to show that with some great signings this summer we can do well next season and maybe even get back into Europe.

    Did you hear about Owen on his twitter saying if only us fans knew what really happened?
  10. It wasn't a bad game and I pretty much agree with Ichi even about Nani been a diver, I'm not a fan of his and although he scores the odd beauty now and again he is so inconsistent and far too greedy. He never crosses, he just shoots from anywhere. I'd pick Valencia over Nani all day long.

    I don't agree about the penalties though. Hernandez dived theatrically, he would have been better just falling over the leg rather than a swan dive over it.

    Lovenkrands was never a penalty, he didn't have control of the ball and was going away from goal so he wasn't denied a goalscoring opportunity.

    The only one I thought could be a penalty was I think Tiote when he handballed Rooney's shot. It would have been unlucky but I've seen em given for less.
  11. More Football today. We have Blackpool today and we need to win this to 100% be safe from relegation. I don't see how they could beat us, unless we play shite like against Villa.
  12. Last night was the most one sided Champions League semi final I have ever seen. How the hell Shalke have gotten this far if that is the best they can do I have no idea, a world class goalkeeper propping up a poor side.

    Tonight is El Classico take 3, I have watched the first 2 which have both been quite dull so not sure if I will bother tonight or not.
  13. If United make it to the final then I'll probably bet against them. I'd like them to win but some filthy cash in compensation for a loss sounds good.
  14. The Barca vs Real game was good, but it was also a bit boring until the end parts. Barca just completely dominated the game with their amazing passing. Things got a bit heated up throughout the game and two of Reals players are banned for their next game and also Pepe got sent off.

    Two goals for Barca, and that should be them into the final. Unless real can score 3 in the next game.
  15. Were you watching the same game? It was a disgrace to football. I have never seen so many cheating bastards on the field at one time.

    The fact that the refs had to be shielded by riot police at the end probably won't bring any sanctions from Uefa or FIFA but I wonder what would have happened if that was in England?
  16. I meant the Football played by Barca. not the fighting and dive theatrics.
  17. Pretty awesome day of football so far today, especially in the lower leagues, Well happy As my local team Exeter City beat rivals Plymouth argyle and hopefully relegated them up the city!
  18. I was disgusted by the officials at Chelsea although incorrect decisions in Chelsea's favour are common these days at Stamford Bridge.

    Tottenham must be furious that despite not conceding a 'goal' they lost 2-1. Lampards shot never crossed the line and Kalou was clearly offside.

    When is the technology going to come into the game?
  19. Well Man Utd were below par yesterday and although we had a perfectly valid penalty claim ignored so did Arsenal so we got beat fair and square. It does highlight what I said yesterday though. Chelsea's 2 phantom goals should not have counted and that has cost United 3 points of their lead in the title race.
  20. I am starting to hate Liverpool with a passion again.