College Admissions Scandal

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  1. Cheap ass rich people. It's perfectly legal to directly donate money towards a new wing or library in return for admissions. But these mother fuckers didn't want to pay up.

    On average they paid $200,000 in bribes. One particularly stupid family paid $6.5 million to get their stupid ass kid into college... WTF? If you got that kind of fuck you money why even bother with college. He could make more on the interest of the bribe than the value of the college degree!
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    One of Loughlin's daughters has a Youtube channel. She's dumb as a post. JFL at anyone who thought she legit got a 1600 on her SATs and got into USC.

    We all knew this was going on. Rich folks have some really dumb and lazy kids who still manage to get into elite schools despite being retards. It seems you can even buy SAT scores if you know the right people.

    But yeah the legal way is to buy a new lecture hall or set of dorms or something. The dumber the kid, the bigger the addition to the school.
  3. Isn’t this site of thing common in the US? Sure I’ve heard it joked about frequently.
  4. Yep. Hence the “I’m not made of airports” meme from The Simpsons.
  5. Influence is a grey area in terms of ethics/morals but not criminal. However, fraudulent test scores and fake athletic paperwork makes this outright criminal.

    These are the poorest of the rich so I guess they couldn't directly influence a prestigious university. They used a middleman who committed fraud. The crime is actually against the universities and college board.

    I think that's really why they are getting in trouble. They are up against deeper pockets.

    Tax evasion. They deducted the bribes on their taxes. That's why the govt suddenly gives a shit lol.
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    Wait they actually tried to deduct the bribes on their taxes? These people might be even dumber than their very dumb kids. Some of them may actually go to federal pound me in the ass prison if that’s really the case. The IRS loves making examples of celebrities. Just ask Wesley Snipes.
  7. Yeah. Looks like the payments were thru tax-exempt 501c "charities". This makes things a lot worse for them. They pretty much committed the only crime that the US government truly cares about.
  8. Yeah the government loves pounding people in the butts for cheating on their taxes for large amounts of money. It was what finally brought down Al Capone.
  9. I wonder what will happen to the kids that already graduated. Did they commit a crime and will their degrees be revoked?
  10. LOL even Dr. Dre got his kid into USC the proper way... with a $70 million dollar donation!

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    When will we get to see the Wu Tang Clan school of Finance?