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  1. So several months ago I went to my Comcast office and got a cable card. I was told there was no charge for the first card and a $1.50 charge for a second card. That's what I expected and it says as much on their website.

    However I've been getting billed for $9.95 a month for my cable card. I get on the Comcast chat and the tech says I've been misinformed. Using the cable card will cost me $9.95 a month. So now I got to go down to the main office and get this figured out.
  2. Are you getting HD? I played this game with my cable provider with a BYOD. The $1.50/mo cablecard just restored pre-DTV content. They charged extra for 'premium' devices, channels, and HD content. Stupidly, they leased their own HD Tivo for the same price. I sold mine and got theirs. Never bothered to return it after cord-cutting and wasn't billed. Winning!

    In all honesty, I'd tell you to cut your losses and give up. I bet this will be a reoccurring thing every month, and the aggravation is not going to be worth $10. Rotate promos between you and your wife, or roll the dice on a retention deal.
  3. Yeah I get HD but it's free for 2 years. They charge me $10 for it every month then give me $10 back.

    It looks like the latest policy is the card is free to rent and if you don't use a Comcast receiver you can also use the card for free. If you are already using a Comcast receiver they charge $9.99 a month because it's considered a second receiver.

    I believe the FCC forced Comcast to allow people to use the cards for free but they are using a loophole to charge people for the cards if they already have a Comcast receiver.
  4. Continued...

    Went to Comcast today to return my cable card. I ask the guy to verify if there should be a charge for it. He says there should be no charge for it. I said well your phone support says there should be a charge and I am being charged. He said no you're not and I said yes I am. So he shows me the his screen with my bill on it points out the $0 charge for the card. I point to the line underneath that one that shows a $10 charge for the card. So he looks a bit confused but then removes the charge and tells me I'll get credit for all my past months that I paid. We shall see.
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    I think I've found a workaround to get free unlimited data with Comcast. I bought an Arris modem to replace the Netgear that came as a free pack-in with my router. I did this because the Arris had more downstream channels, and sometimes this gets you so free extra bandwidth on the same speed tier. The Arris ended up having some strange issues with slowdown when using VPN so I returned it (apparently it's a known issue with the Surfboard 6190). I went back to using the Netgear. The modem works. But the Comcast webpage shows me as not having a modem connected, and it shows no data usage since I switched back to using the old modem two months ago.

    So basically buy two modems. Register one, use it for a few days maybe, then register a second modem. Return the second modem and go back to using the first. Free unlimited data, since apparently if you revert back to an old modem, they stop tracking your data usage.

    I even contacted Comcast about why the Netgear wasn't showing up on the control panel on the Comcast page, and their outsourced low bid Philippines tech support people had no idea what I was talking about.

    I don't even feel bad because having a data cap on a home internet connection is retarded bullshit that only a greedy shithead corporate executive would think is a good idea.
  6. My Comcast data cap only just started last month. They'd been in a lawsuit over it in my state for a few years. I guess they won. The data cap isn't that big of a deal to me but I'm betting net neutrality goes away in 2017 since Trump is opposed to it.
  7. A lot of British ISPs still offer connections with a data cap but for only £5/month more you can get the unlimited version. It is only for the really cheap people.

    BT 52down/10up 25GB is £29.99/month
    BT 52down/10up unlimited is £34.99/month

    Both include 100GB cloud storage, free superhub and access to BT sport premium channel*.

    *I think you may have to pay extra if you want it in UHD but I could be wrong.
  8. So I recently changed my Comcast package as it ballooned out of control. I managed to get a pretty good deal on a very limited package...or so I though. After my first bill came in I noticed it was about $30 higher than expected. Comcast had shipped me an extra cable box that I did not ask for and it wasn't part of the package, but they were happy to charge me a monthly fee for it. They also started charging me for a cable card that I had been using for free for several years. I told the service rep that the law states they have to provide the card for free and he said that's only true if I ask to have it for free. I said I had done that and it had been free for years. Then he said I have to ask for it to be free every time I change the plan or they will start charging for the cable card again. Anyway, they cancelled services for those two things and then latter billed me ~$200 for them which they refunded when I returned them into the store.
  9. I'm currently paying them $73/ month for their fastest available Internet-only plan, but that expires in February.
  10. My plan is 140 channels on one TV and 400Mbps Internet. The plan is $90 but all the local TV fees and tax brings it to $113.
  11. i don't give a damn about tv and live in a google fiber competitive area, so i have att fiber 1gbps for $70/month. MUHAHAHAHAHA
  12. I'm pretty sure my wireless network will get congested before I max out 400Mbps.
  13. Well I finally cut the cord. I switch my Internet to 1 gig fiber with a local company and I didn't have a compelling reason to stick with cable TV. Comcast wanted $81 a month for on their basic cable package on one TV. Hulu had everything I needed for $55, plus I can watch it on any device. The only channel I lost was Comedy Central.
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    We cancelled Cable TV a few months ago. Shaved $150 off our monthly Comcast bill. We realized as a household that almost everything we watch is on Amazon, Netflix, or Disney+. We also get good OTA reception for network TV stuff, and can just torrent the odds and ends we can’t find elsewhere. Basic cable is mostly retarded reality shows that we don’t watch. So we were just throwing $150 away every month. I knew the writing was on the wall when I would see my wife using the apps on the Comcast boxes to watch Netflix and Amazon and that she was almost never actually watching cable. No point in flushing $1800/year for something we don’t watch.
  15. My kids will only watch TV as a last resort after I shut off all their other electronics. It's a new generation and on demand content is all that matters. I've pretty much blocked youtube from them because there is too much weird shit happening on there. Look up Elsa Gate if you haven't yet. They seem to be going through an injection phase.