Comcast Sucks

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  1. I have access to Comcast and Fios. FiOS is better but costs more.

    FIOS 1Gbps is symmetrical and I've always clocked it at ~800Mbps U/D reliabiy. Costs about $150/mo after promos.

    Comcasts "up to" 1200Mbps is only 35Mbps upload.
  2. My upload is usually mid 30s to low 40s. Not sure that big increase in upload speed would have been worth it to me to pay 2x what I'm currently paying. I suppose I have the deal that best suits me for a year.
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    I would love for some kind of fiber to the home option like Fios or Google Fiber to become available in my area so that I can tell Comcast to suck my balls. The only other ISP option in my area is 25 Mbit DSL from AT&T, which is a nonstarter.
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    Comcast's headquarters in Philadelphia: 215-286-1700

    The overseas call centers you get when you call their main number are pretty useless. If you have a billing dispute or want to cancel or change your service this is the number to call.