Computer Monitors, Size vs. Quantity

Discussion in 'Technology' started by supersonic, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. What are peoples personal preferences on their computer monitors? Would you rather have four 20", or two 26", or one 32", or some other combination of this? Why?

    Personally, I'm torn, but I'd probably settle with 2x24" monitors. They aren't as big, but with two 1080p setups, you get alot of multi-tasking space.
  2. I am happy with my 17" at the moment, but I hope to upgrade to the highest in the future. Especially for my Emulation sessions.
  3. I have had a couple different combo's before. it first started with:

    21" + 17" then,
    32" + 21" then,
    25" + 21" then,
    25" + 17" (current)

    Dualview is ideal. You can have something going fullscreen on one monitor and can do whatever on the second. I have never found a need for more than 2.
  4. How do you actually set two or more monitors so they show the same picture? I would have thought it would be weird as there would be a little gap between monitors..
  5. I have a 22" and a 17". My main concern in going with anything bigger would be the resolution. You can get away with mid-range video cards like the GTX460 at 1680x1050; but get much higher than that and you'll need a high-end card or SLI to keep up with the latest games.

    Unfortunately I bought my 17" Samsung back in 2003 when they were disgustingly expensive. It was $700, and I'll be hanging onto it until it dies.

    If you have a modern setup (recent video card, latest ATI or Nvidia drivers, Windows 7), it should just set itself up automatically when you plug in a second monitor. There is a gap obviously, but it's not that weird. You get used to it and it gives you an enormous desktop.
  6. I have 2 x 24" but I usually leave one off because the room gets so freaking hot. I think 1 24" is perfect.
  7. At both Home and Work I have a single 20'' Widescreen monitor. Never needed anything more and I like to have some space available on my desks.
  8. I prefer a smaller pixel pitch over larger size. Never had a permanent dual/multi monitor setup.

    The next monitor I'm looking to buy is a Dell UltraSharp U2711 27". Cheaper than the 30", and better quality as well as better pixel pitch. I'm still unsure about a 16:9 aspect ratio as I generally hate them for productivity use, but I think I should be able to adapt by moving the screen back and retiring from the oldschool method of full screen browsing.

    I'd personally like to see a progression in resolution for PC monitors.
  9. I currently have my home desktop on two 24" monitors; my combined output is 3800x1200 but one of my screens is on the blink and I'm going to have to get a new one. My problem is that monitors with 1900x1200 resolutions are really hard to find these days unless you are prepared to lay down some serious cash on a Dell of high end BenQ screen; everything i've looked at so far is max 1080p
  10. Am on a Dell 3008WFP 30'', resolution is 2560x1600. The casing is made of brushed aluminium, the stand of glass. Better quality ive never seen.

    Its an S-IPS screen so its colors are great, viewing angles too. Black levels are very good too. Calibrated the screen myself.
    No ghosting or input lag. It have hdmi, displayport, vga, 2x dvi-d, component, composite and s-video. On top of that on the side theres an SD card reader/usb ports.

    Cant be more happy with this screen, have it since summer 2008, its still working like on day 1. Having the brightness set to zero and contrast to 50.

    Too bad they dont get manufactured anymore, now Dell have a ripped of version of this one. Only advantage its way cheaper (1400 euros).