Console Sales Chart

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by chairmansteve, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. The real-time sales chart has been added to the Museum.
    Now it has more consoles and pretty bars.
  2. Now that the respective companies aren't required to release sales data, how are you keeping these charts accurate?

    Effective design though, much better than the old days of regular posts. Having a bar chart sure makes it easy to see the scale of the difference. I wonder if Wii will end up surpassing PS2? My guess is that it won't, but it will surely pass the original PS.
  3. How often do the figures update?
  4. Chairmansteve, on the about page of the pvcmuseum, you have stated that the console specs will be back, will the GPU specs be back aswel?
  5. @Fuzy: The three still release global data quarterly.
    @Arms: It updates continuously. It has a mind of its own.
    @SmellRipper: GPU specs will be back, but not updated.
  6. The good old PS2 still smokes everything. It even comes close to smoking all of the current gen consoles combined.
  7. Behold.... the power of PS2
  8. It's also good to see that nothing has flopped this generation, unlike last gen where the Gamecube and Xbox got left in the dust. The PS3 and 360 both have respectable numbers.
  9. No statement about the power of Gamecube?
  10. Xbox 360 is still kicking ass and taking names.
  11. Ouch, many here wont like that ;)
  12. Xb360 is doing very well but the what about Sega; Genesis, saturn and DC.
  13. Somehow I think we can be sure that the sales numbers for Sega consoles will not budge...