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  1. Please stay ontopic and stop the personal attacking.


    As many people have said here, and everywhere else, pc games are getting consolized, just look at MoH, BF series, CoD, etc. And you see yourself.
  2. Where do I go off topic? I was responding to you.

    Where do I celebrate the dumbing down of gaming?

    Why have you completely failed to counter my points that clearly argue against blaming consoles for dumbing down gaming?

    Again, you pathetically repeat the same crap and fail to manage any debate. Well done. Try and answer the questions above instead repeating the same old shit that I've blown apart.
  3. I dont have to answer any of your questions, but i defend your statement that consoles arent the blame for the fact that pc games are being dumbed down.
  4. So you admit you were lying when you said I was celebrating the 'dumbing down' of gaming?

    That I remained on topic and you were merely trolling by suggesting I was going off topic when countering your posts?

    And - finally - you admit you're incapable of arguing against my counterpoints to your simplistic bleating about consoles?

  5. My god, you cant even read :lol:
    You didnt remain ontopic, you started writing about how i discuss, which have nothing to do with the topic, which is about the fact that consoles are the reason that pc gaming is being dumbed down in recent years.
  6. A quick summary of my posts here:

    Post 4 counters your stupidity in blaming consoles for modern game design. You have failed to provide any rebuttals for any points made within this post. I suspect this is because you are incapable of intelligent debate.

    Post 17 rightly calls you a simple fanboy for the ‘console kids buying half-assed games’ remark. It also asks you to point out where exactly you are getting confused with the simple concepts involved in this debate as you appear to be just repeating yourself.

    Post 20 asks you to prove where I celebrate the dumbing down of gaming. You have failed to provide this. It also highlights how you are not adding anything to this thread by repeating yourself over and over again.

    Post 22 calls you out on various inaccuracies and tries to summarise things so perhaps you could provide some worthwhile contribution to this thread, instead of writing ‘consoleLOLZ, PC RULZ’ over and over again

    So I’ve not been off topic. You have been stupid, evasive and have lied. It’s been pathetic. If you want a genuine debate then answer points when they’re raised. If you just want a troll thread then be honest and admit it. It’s clear you’re incapable of proper discussion.
  7. You have not argumentated yet why pc games arent being consolized, only thing youve done is whining about me and how i write.
  8. For a start, consolised isn't even a proper fucking word so arguing how it's affecting things is going to be pretty hard.

    I've disagreed with the use of the word in this thread, as it seems to be some sort of bizarre word used by PC autistics who have trouble with concepts of mass markets and prefer to blame a medium for the message.
  9. The word 'consolized' does make console kids really angry, for some reason. I have seen the same somewhere else. Consolized is another term for gamers when were talking about pc games being dumbed down thanks to the consoles.

    Might you understand it now?
  10. First off, using terms like console kids make you look like a complete dumbass.

    And using consolised is indeed stupid. This is debate is really more about mass markets and their desires and needs rather than being the result of a particular medium.

    Let's make this simple. Dumb action Hollywood blockbusters are more popular than arthouse cinema. Why? Is it because of the venue they're shown in or because of the films themselves?
  11. Using the word autistics is even more dumb, makes you a complete retard.
    And stay on topic, i created this topic regarding the fact that pc games are being dumbed down thanks to the consoles, and not for Hollywood movies.
  12. Yes, Metro 2033 looks leagues better on PC despite being a multiplatform game, which supports my position and refutes your "consolization" argument, at least in this instance.

    The Battlefield: Bad Company games were always offshoots of the BF franchise, which is why their titles differ. And they also happened to be really terrific games. Battlefield 3 is the sequel to Battlefield 2.
  13. That leaves Metro as the only game taking advantage of the platform, so it doesnt refute my consolization argument at all.

    ''And they also happened to be really terrific games''

    You for sure have never played BF2.
  14. Oh, the ironing is delicious.

    I can't believe how fuckwitted you are. Again, you fail to debate and repeat yourself. Learn how to debate or don't bother with threads. If you just want to state your dim views then get a blog.

    If you can't understand the simple comparison with movies in that example then you really are stupid. And stop accusing me of going off topic when it's relevant to the debate. I'm getting pretty tired of your trolling now.
  15. Please stop going off topic with your trolling, i made this topic about PC games being dumbed down thanks to console gaming. You start about fucking, autistic people, and attacking personally. You for sure have a termprement issue mate, especially if it comes down to pc owning the consoles.
  16. No, I have an issue with fanboy morons. You have not entered to any debate and have come across as a complete idiot. Perhaps if you approach these threads with reason and without childish shit like console kiddies and weak arguments that you're scared or incapable of defending then I'd have less of a problem with you.

    As it stands, you're pretty much entering the Gripper level of posting quality. Rest assured, if we ever get an equivalent moron of you on the console side then I'd have just as much of an issue with them. Let's hope that doesn't happen as I'm not sure the world could cope with such dense stupidity in one place.
  17. You started with calling me stupid, autistic, and f*ck-wit, and whatever. You didnt come with any (good) arguments to defend your statement that its not thanks to consoles that pc games are being dumbed down.

    In this regard, you are entering Gripper level, both in posting quality and bad language/behaviour. So please, troll somewhere else, its getting annoying. I didnt create this topic for personal attackings, so quit it or do it on another topic, or even better, forum.
  18. Your slightly going off topic and into a slanging match. I will re-post both your last significant posts and you can start again. Even though these types of arguments I have missed.

  19. I said in that instance with Metro 2033. The fact that Metro 2033 is among the best looking PC games ever demonstrates that PC games can still look incredible if the developer puts in the effort.

    You still haven't seemed to grasp that Battlefield: Bad Company 1 and 2 were not designed to replace or follow up the main Battlefield games. An offshoot like BC2 can still be a good game even if it wasn't like BF2. It wasn't supposed to be BF3. BF3 is the sequel to BF2. It seems like I've explained this to you already.
  20. You've not countered any of my points. If the argument I set out in post 4 is wrong then explain how. I wouldn't have a problem with you if you entered into rational debate but you don't. You just repeat yourself. This thread would be better off being locked if you cannot debate.