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  1. But as stated earlier the audience on pc have been accepting trash games as well. Also, if pc versions are as superior as you claim then consoles can't have dumbed them down. Either way your OPINION, because that's what it is, is somewhat flawed. You say this game has a higher player cap than console versions, and that game has larger maps etc etc. If that's the case what are you arguing about? You're saying consoles have dumbed down pc versions of games but you're also saying that pc versions are far superior...

    To quote a certain Monsly,

  2. Your PC hardware might be better but the games require more resources, and internet speeds haven't improved enough for you to be hosting a 64 player server on your computer whilst you're playing.

    And if consoles weren't around? The audience that accepts trashy games would make up over 80% of PC owners instead.
  3. How many console games have you been playing through in the past couple of years to be throwing around claims about console standards? Some of console games have been quite good. Games like Demon's Souls in particular turned out to be stunningly good. I have access to all console formats and PC games, and some of my most eagerly anticipated games are console games, particularly Team ICO's games (all 3 will be released within the next year...hopefully :eek: ).

    I'd agree multiplatform games tend to be best on PC by a significant margin, but some of the original games on consoles are fantastic. There's more to gaming than having the best tech specs.
  4. Hellripper. This is effectively what you're saying:

    ZOMG! This must mean that all yous guys who have a DS are killing consoleses! Dumbing down my ps3 games, how dare you! You can connect to the internet on the DS and PS3 so you're the reason my ps3 browser is so bad. Console games would be better if the DS wasn't around to limit the devs in their creativity!

    P.s. Modern Warfare is better on PS3 than on the DS. Better graphics, better sound, more stuff etc etc.

    Ridiculous, no?
  5. Yes games are superior on pc mostly, but compared to what PC gaming was in the past, its not even a match.
    Just look at Crysis 2, or CoD, how Crysis 1 was, and how the CoD series were, before they entered the console route.
  6. I dont play them actively no, but we have a PS3 and a 360 in the house. They are just not my thing, the consoles, never been. Could be cause am used to have allways played PC games, and let they be the best versions (regarding crossplatform).

    Ive never played ICO or Demon's Souls but i played alot of console games, but never actively, mostly trying it. Last time was with BC2, wasnt a good impression.
  7. Your contribution is as good as they say is mine, lol

    But its not a rare thing that no-one on this forum is ever gonna agree anything with me, hell, am on a console-only forum and everyone's console based here.
    When i laid my story on GoT (a mostly-pc place), i got way different opinions and reactions and agreements.

    Its just what you want to enjoy, the celebration of dumbed down games, perhaps.
  8. How is this place console only?

    I mostly play PC games. So do bfun and khaid. AKS has been leaning more towards the PC side of things lately since he got a GTX 460. He's bought a fuckload of PC games. I always see Armitage on Steam. Haven't seen much of Hawk in awhile, but he was basically going back and forth between PC and PS3. Speaking of Steam, our Steam group has 19 members. Are you even a member of the Steam group? Apparently we have no PC gamers, even though every time I go on Steam plenty of people from the group are busy playing games.

    Probably a third or maybe even half of the people on here posting regularly are PC gamers, and we don't even have much of a following yet.

    Even Monsly plays PC games. I got him very into Sins of a Solar Empire awhile back.

    Maybe you just need to be more social with the people posting here.
  9. I didnt even know of a Steam group, apperantly. Thats abit off yes since am the one thats primarely trying to keep the PC platform alive here and have some discussions (well you cant deny i didnt succeed in that with this one).

    My Steam is gogogocounterstrike, or yes, my active one.
  10. The forum is pretty much split between the PC and the PS3. What we actually don't have are too many Xbox or Nintendo fans.
  11. I was an xbox fan when mine was working but i seemed to be the only one talking about it. We need a heady mix of people who love different things so we have more threads like this one. This thread is, if nothing else, entertaining.
  12. I have a 360 and a LIVE subscription, but I don't play it much given that many of the top 360 games are better on PC. The main reason I don't play my 360 was due to upgrading my PC. The time I spend on my 360 has very little to do with the PS3. The exception is that if a game is console exclusive and is about the same, such as Vanquish or Bad Company 2, I'll usually get the PS3 version due to cheap hard drive space (I paid $56 for my 500 GB PS3 HDD versus the insane price of the much smaller 360 HDDs) and noise (my 360's disc drive is pretty friggin' loud). On the other hand, if we're talking Orange Box or Bayonetta, I'd get the 360 version.
  13. I personally split most of my time between the PC and PS3. It's pretty close to even most of the time depending on what's out at the time. I've been playing quite a bit of Just Cause 2 (PC) and Killzone 3 lately. I played a heck of a lot of Mass Effect 2 on PC.
  14. Talking about dumbed down, for the PS3 in that case.
  15. Also talking about dumbed down on PS3, what about black ops? Wait, maybe that should read 'ballsed up'.
  16. The Orange Box was my first 360 game, and I bought that before I upgraded my PC. I own just about all of Valve's games on PC now.
  17. Yea, just meand that PS3 version was just badly done for some reason.
  18. Because Valve didn't port it, they got EA to do it because they couldn't be bothered.
  19. My brother has only a PS3 and therefore has the PS3 version, but I've never actually played it. He said that he really enjoyed Portal in particular even if it isn't as technically strong as the other versions.

    As chi said, the PS3 version was dumped off to EA pretty late in the game. Oddly, a similar problem happened with Platinum doing the same thing with Bayonetta. More or less the 360 code was dumped on the teams doing the port without much time, and that method never seems to work well with the PS3 (probably because the memory and SPUs have to split everything up).

    Interestingly, the company that tries to port it always seems to take all the blame when Valve and Platinum didn't exactly do the best job in planning. I love Valve and Platinum, but I think they kind of screwed over EA and SEGA in these instances.
  20. This was a comment left in response to a Crysis 2 video on youtube.

    Seems like there's a few misguided people out there too.

    Also I wouldn't take him too seriously as he types like this:

    Bad spelling, poor grammar. These are the signs of a troll.