Cool apps

Discussion in 'Technology' started by HellRipper, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Got an smarthpone aswel now, its running on Symbian on a Nokia phone.
    Anyone know some free cool apps?
  2. On Symbian? No.....
  3. lol symbian
  4. Hah, whats so bad on this?:p
    Its from Finland but so what.
  5. Never heard of it before. I take it that it is some sort of OS or something?
  6. Yes for the Nokia phones.
  7. Which Nokia did you go with? The N8?
  8. It's just that the apps for huge markets like itunes app store and android market are already slim pickings for quality apps. anything smaller makes it that much more rarer.
  9. Yep:D Allways had Sony Ericsson before, so il see if Finnish quality serves better, i doubt it:p