Coordinated terror attack in Paris

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  1. People can't even enjoy a dinner without getting killed by lunatics...
  2. Brought to you by the Religion of Peace™

    I think these refugees have proven they can't behave in a civilized fashion and need to be deported back to Syria. It's also clear a significant number are ISIS operatives.

    Also why are we still doing nothing about ISIS? We have the most powerful military on the planet. We could very quickly destroy ISIS if we wanted to. Yet we do nothing of significance. A few airstrikes here or there.
  3. I think the US is leasing Russia for those strikes.
  4. They've actually done quite a bit in Iraq, but the media barely reports on Iraq anymore after their predictions of the "fall of Baghdad" to ISIS never happened.
  5. ISIS still controls Mosul, a city the size of Chicago, and large portions of Iraq and Syria. Retaking some road that will probably be lost again in a week is pretty meaningless. Where is the massive coordinated invasion by the US and its allies to wipe the Islamic State off the map? That's the only thing that's going to put a stop to this.
  6. So we let in all of those immigrants into Europe and then this happens. Half of them were probably ISIS pretending to be immigrants.

    RIP for all the people though. Go to watch a rock show and that happens to you.
  7. Jason Manford (a celebrity comedian over here) got his Facebook account suspended for this...

    He has been reinstated but the message is gone for breaching FB rules.
  8. I agree with everything he had to say.
  9. I assume that in the post he didn't star out some of the words, I copied it from a news site who I assume coveted up the naughty words.

    He made a fatal mistake attacking their god as he now has abuse on twitter saying he is islamophobic. I think he is pretty outspoken about anyone who kills in the name of any god but still, you're always gonna offend someone these days.
  10. Anyone not drinking the social justice politically correct Koolaid saw this shit coming. Deport these fucks or it's going to be Sharia Law in Europe. If they can't go back to Syria let the Arab countries deal with them. They clearly don't belong in civilized countries.
  11. If we don't help the people who need help are we not just as bad as ISIS? The majority of people coming into Europe are doing so out of fear. They are being killed at home just as those poor people in France were last night. ISIS doesn't care that they are Muslim, if they don't follow ISIS extreme interpretation of Islam that are the enemy.

    Of course it is inevitable that a few terrorists have taken advantage of the situation to get through but 99% of these people just want a life where they can live without fear.

    ISIS are evil cowards but they are a small minority of a huge religion.
  12. ISIS is Islam in its purest form. It's an evil religion.
  13. See 2003 - doesn't work. Air strikes + local forces on the ground has had success. Macho man Putin isn't doing anything different. Still, terrorism is really an economic issue, not a military one. People join those militant groups because they need money. It's not a coincidence that the only groups that are all that successful are the ones that have big bucks to throw around.
  14. Samsung's $14 billion ad budget is swift as fuck!

  15. [​IMG]

    I'm all for doing detailed screenings while in some temporary detainment. Blindly admitting 10,000+ people seems ridiculous. Also, demographics matter a lot (families vs. single male).
  16. It's all just political posturing. States can't actually refuse to accept refugees due the 1980 Refugee Act. Besides, Syrians are no more likely to be ISIS agents than people from any other country. The whole thing is just dumb, but that's par for the course in the U.S. these days. More than a decade of the "war on terror" and most people have no clue about anything.
  17. I don't disagree... it's probably easier to come across either border than fake refugee credentials. But there isn't any harm in some due diligence. The politicians are dumb for sure, no idea how they expect to stop interstate travel once in the country.
  18. The mastermind apparently left a successful family business to wage war in the desert...
  19. lol at CIA
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    The Religion of Peace™ strikes again.

    75+ dead in France after ISIS gunmen attack people celebrating Bastille Day from a truck by running over and shooting them.

    Islam is such a peaceful religion. They just can't stop spreading that message of peace.