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  1. I liked servers that limited AWPs to just a few players on each team. The AWP is basically the game's equivalent of a super weapon in an RTS, and that basically turned it into a limited team resource and kept things from getting out of hand.
  2. From what I've read it's not worth buying keys to open the weapon cases. Watching videos I see most people only get junk which can be bought for a lot less than the price of a key. Still, I had to open my first case just for the fun of it. I got lucky and landed a really nice shotgun worth about $2.30. I also bought a bunch of cheap skins to replace the default ones on most my guns. I tried not to spend over $0.30 a skin.
  3. I sold a case for $4. Bought a key for $2.50 to open another case and got some crappy skin for the scout that's worth like 1 cent.

    I think I'll stick to selling the cases.

    Also you can trade ten crappy items for a better one, so maybe I'll use that too on the junky stuff that I get.
  4. You must have had a special case. I noticed the type I had were going for $0.04. I thought that was weird until I realized the keys are $2.60 and the odds of getting a $0.16 item are pretty good.

    Here is the Factory New Nova Koi I got. It's pretty nice looking but I only ever use the single pump shotgun if I'm a T camping Office. I have no idea if it's still as good as it was in Source but it used to be a head shot wonder against people coming around corners.

  5. I'm coming to the conclusion that while the standard assualt rifles (M4, AK-47) have gotten worse, the scoped assault rifles (SIG 553, AUG) have gotten a lot better.

    This is probably controversial, but I'm going to come out and say that I now think that the SIG 553 is a better gun than the AK-47 and the way to go if you're playing T. I buy it over the AK if I have the money. The first few shots out of it are very accurate, and with the scope it's like a poor man's auto sniper.

    In fact I now think the SIG 553 is the best assault rifle in the game. Which is weird, because it was junk in CS: Source. The AK-47 used to be my favorite gun in Source. The first shot was dead on accurate like a sniper rifle. And it had a crazy high rate of fire that made it great for spraying at close range. It's not that accurate in GO and the rate of fire is lower. I actually don't really like it that much. It's a gun I use when I'm broke and I pick one up off an enemy, not a gun I immediately buy.
  6. I think the SIG was a better gun than the AK in most every way except for the AK's long range one shot accuracy which is what made it the best gun in the game. The only time the SIG was an equal or better choice was in close combat. Since the new AKs aren't as accurate it wouldn't surprise me if the SIG was better. I've tried it a few times and had mixed results. From what I've read it's more accurate and powerful but it also slows you down more and the recoil pattern is worse. Looks like you could dump a whole AK clip and still get a head shot but the SG goes really astray after 10 shots.


  7. One shot is all I need.
  8. One shot or one burst is actually how you want to roll in CS. The game really punishes you for spray and pray type tactics in most cases. CS is the polar opposite of Call of Duty. You try that run and gun crap in CS and you get your head instantly blown off with an awp.
  9. Any opinions on casual vs competitive? I get the impression competitive is nowhere near as popular as casual. I think it's that the matches are twice as long, that friendly fire is on, and how seriously competitive players take the game. I think most people just don't take the game seriously enough to sit down and play for hour long matches. I also see a lot of people on casual whose general ranks (private, corporal, seargant, etc) are very high, and have a ton of custom stuff, and look like they've been playing forever, yet they have no competitive record.
  10. Haven't played the competitive yet but I'll say that even the casual matches seem to go a bit too long. I wonder if the private servers can shorten the match times or go less rounds.
  11. I agree. Even the casual matches sometimes drag on way too long. I'm not sure why they made competitive matches best out of 30 rounds. I've read/heard the competitive matches sometimes last 90 minutes. Outside of an e-sports setting, that's kind of nuts and probably explains the lack of popularity of competitive.

    And apparently you get punished if you leave a competitive match, go AFK, or accidentally shoot a teammate. They ban you from the game (they call it a cooldown) for varying lengths of time. Sounds really unappealing honestly.

    I think it's mainly meant to be for clans and professional players.
  12. I didn't realize this until I killed someone with a flashbang the other day. They deal a little bit of damage, which can kill enemies who are low on health.

    I'd also suggest giving the zeus taser a try. It beats the knife IMO as a trolling/humiliation weapon. This guy has a special zeus that shoots rainbows to make troll kills extra gay.

  13. Flash bang kills were also possible in Source but they were extremely rare. I had over 1000 hours and can only remember one match where people claimed it happened and even then I can’t be sure it wasn’t staged. The victim has to have 0 armor and 1 health. Getting to 1 health is almost impossible.
  14. A flash bang "headshot" is 999 damage in Source. Damn near impossible to pull off in-game...
  15. It was weird. Took me a second to even realize what had happened because it seemed like I had gotten a kill for nothing, and had never seen that light symbol before as the weapon. Then I realized I had just thrown a flashbang into a group of enemies, but I had no idea flashbangs could even deal damage.

    They must be easier to get in CS GO because I'm a pretty unskilled player.
  16. I killed three people with a single shot from a scout (ssg 08) on dust 2 at short A: two headshots and one person who was already damaged who got wallbanged. They were lined up perfectly. It was epic.

    I find myself using the scout more since they reduced the price to $1700. The scout was never a bad gun, it was just really overpriced for what it was. It's accurate and quiet (compared to the awp which everyone on the map can hear you using) and you can move quickly with it, but you have to get headshots because it's too underpowered otherwise to kill in one hit.
  17. I like the scout a lot but it's not very effective when put against the AWP and auto-snipe.
  18. It's something you buy right after the pistol round, or when your team is losing and you have no money for an awp or auto. You will get pwned going up against people with awps because they can one shot kill you, while the scout takes two hits or a headshot.
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    CSGO is pretty far from casual




  20. What are you talking about. It's in the menu. Classic Casual.

    Cool pictures though. I've never seen so many filthy casuals in one place before.
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