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    It has casual and competitive modes. Something you would know if you actually played the game. Also why are you posting a video of CSGO from four years ago? It's been overhauled and updated so heavily that it's a very different game from what it was in 2012.

    Counter-strike is the most hardcore competitive shooter in existence. It's also the most popular, most played online shooter ever. Arguing otherwise is moronic and simply untrue. Most people coming from consoles even find "casual" mode extremely difficult compared to something like CoD. Seriously give CS a try. I guarantee you'll get pwned and realize you actually suck ass at FPSs. Everything you've learned from CoD like running and gunning and obsessively reloading and zooming in will get you instantly killed in CS. Most of the guns kill in one shot or one burst. And unlike CoD you don't instantly respawn, there is no autoaim, and there are no killstreak bonuses. That's because CS is about actual skill, while CoD is a poser shooter for kiddies, fake gamer girls, casuals, and dudebros.
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  2. Casuals are so cute when they talk all hardcore.


    I may get it for my Mac. It is only $14 on Steam. That's what's so nice about the casual variety: they're both cheap and they run on a Mac.
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    Get it then. If it's so easy you should be Global Elite/Global General in no time winning $250K grand prizes. Guys like John "Fatality" Wendel are just casuals afterall.

    Or you will struggle to get any kills and everyone will laugh at you and call you n00b and you will quit the game out of frustration.

    I'll let you decide which is more likely.
  4. What do you think those two little things sticking out of the ground are?
  5. Gaydar detectors.

    Counter-Strike has been the epitome of hardcore since 1999, all gamers know this including Alpolio. He's probably some ex- CAL-i freak trying to trick monkey into a scrim. I dare say the hardcore players are still on Source. With the player shift to CS:GO only the most dedicated are around. The skill set on well known servers is beyond holy shit territory. I used to be good so I can get by being bad nowadays... new players will rage quit and uninstall in under an hour.

    We should do a PVC match on CS:S or CS:GO.
  6. How long do they last as pro gamers before they burn out?
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    They don't burn out. They get old and slow down. Among other crappy things I can almost measure how much worse I get with multi-player fps every year.
  8. Very short lived. I would say 2-4 years as your typical kid transitions through college. Once they graduate, the prizes are rarely worth giving up a white collar salary.

    Also, the pro league teams are almost entirely corporatized by rich investors. They will recruit and pay you for practice and live play but keep a significant portion of any winnings. You are likely to get cut for any under-performance. I think it ends up a win-win for the owner in either making money or a fixed tax write-off.

    Amateur teams is where the big money can be made. You're splitting the cash only with teammates, but also self funding all costs. Not shockingly, it's a lot harder to keep an these teams together for any length of time. Lots of divas in this group compared to a sponsored pro-team.

    I used to be in a very large CS:S clan. There were 6 people on the CAL team as 4 main + 2 subs (pro matches are 4v4). Of that, only one was good enough for a CAL-invite into the professional league. The whole thing was made possible by the generosity of a few people. Donations never got close to server costs which were pretty substantial back then.
  9. I'm up for that. I have to warn you that I suck pretty bad now. I mean I'm still better than you but yeah I suck bad.
  10. The last time I played counter-strike was when it was in beta and I was still on dial-up.
  11. I could probably do a professional rage quit/uninstall.
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    I'm okay at CS, but nowhere near as good as I was 10+ years ago. My reaction time is definitely not what it was when I was 20.

    That being said, I think I've gotten better at thinking strategically. I'm better at completing the objectives, or finding ways to surprise the other team. I just can't pull off the kill crazy rampages where I would kill like 4 or 5 people at once the way I could when I was younger.
  13. Played CS:Source with bfun for a few hours... he is indeed better than me. But we'll see how it goes after I cycle 20 hours of play.

    Gotta say my strong preference for Source has a lot to do with favorite servers. I play on a well moderated server for older gamers. They quickly deal with annoying teenagers and cycle a lot of custom maps. It keeps the game fresh and it's a lot of fun to play with a known group of people.

    On CS:GO I spend a lot of time muting internet gangsters. Trying to play with people you know is way too much effort due to how efficient matchmaking is.

    LOL I was AWP'ing double doors on Dust2. I basically had no reaction time and couldn't even fire a shot. I used to be able to pick off 1-2 people back in my prime.
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    Nobody really plays Source compared to GO though. Source has a player base of about 5K people vs around 10M for GO, with about 400K to 800K people playing GO at most times of day.

    The matchmaking on GO instantly throws you into a full or nearly full server. I prefer that because it quickly gets you into the game and playing. Source is a ghost town of mostly empty servers. Also you know you can vote kick people in GO or request a moderator for cheaters? The majority of the time on Source I found there was no one moderating the servers and no easy way to get rid of cheaters and annoying people. GO is more modern and works better in most cases IMO, the exception being a few well moderated Source servers.

    You can also set a mute all button. I mute everyone most of the time in casual and usually only turn the mics on when playing competitive.

    Also I love the loot and skins and trading system in GO. There are some very cool looking custom skins. Source doesn't have loot.
  15. That server is indeed great. I thought I'd never play source again but I'll come back for more on that server. They had all the good maps too. Night Fever and Vegas kept me up later than I wanted. Egon World is an old favorite. Dolls has always been a challenge for me. I can do CT but I almost never play T and I have no idea how to get to that doll house. I also fail at jumping and ladders so I pretty much hate that map. I got kicked on the Alamo map because I didn't have it but I was able to download it and come back before it was over. I didn't care for all the auto-snipping but that's a minor gripe. It's still better than everyone having AWPs.

    I can't say for sure why it is but Source is still more fun than GO. Maybe it is the social aspect of gaming with a more mature crowd or the fact that the mods have more control over the servers. All the random music, sound clips, and special effects make it fun to watch even when your dead. GO is all kinds of better in most measurable ways but the rounds always seem long and the matches seem too long and the map selection isn't nearly as good. I like it but I also get bored while playing it.
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    The teenage internet gangsters on GO are annoying but mostly harmless. They're so bad at the game and so easy to kill.

    I think GO is better in every way other than a few well run Source servers. And the number of active Source servers is now very small, as there has been a mass exodus to GO as it has gotten better in the last couple of years with several huge updates that massively improved the game.

    I also think you might be remembering the server situation on Source back when it was popular with rose tinted nostalgia glasses. I remember always struggling to find an open slot on active servers. I also remember many of the servers had absentee mods who were never around when problems came up. You've traded a sense of community in Source for a very efficient, consistent, and accessible system in GO that mostly just works. And it appears that people prefer that system because CS has never been so popular.

    I disagree about the fun factor. The loot and ranks make GO more addictive IMO as you actually have something to work towards.

    Next time you guys play Source I'll try to join if I'm available. Would be cool to play together. Or just come over to GO since that's what most people are playing now.
  17. Yeah... they allow 3 autos and really should allow 1 AWP. The Autos are really powerful now and the AWP is really the only counter-measure. Before the DEagle was an option, but every update seems to nerf it some more.

    I still can't figure out how your ping to an NJ server is half mine... hax no doubt.

    I think I tried to join your game a few times. But matchmaking is so efficient, there will never be an open slot. I haven't looked into how a group of people ensure they get on the same server in CS:GO.

    This is pretty much the only Source server I play nowadays... you're right about the other servers being abandoned. I used to play 24/7 office a lot but it's a ghost town.

  18. I think you can go into a private lobby with a group and matchmake from there. Someone just creates a lobby and invites the group to it.
  19. Yeah it's weird. I can watch you play but despite having empty slots and a join game button it doesn't work. From what I've read you can't join a game in progress. Unless I'm mistaken everyone has to leave the match, join a group, then rejoin.