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  1. I don't understand CS:Go... how do I get the tricked out guns everybody else has? Also, do I not get XP unless I stay until the end of the map? Seems like it, which is a total bummer. I've gotten a little better after tweaking console settings.
  2. 3 ways. You get a random weapon when you level. You get a weapon case and buy a key to unlock it and then get a random weapon. You buy the weapon. And by buy I mean real world money. I bought some for fun. The most common weapons are under 50 cents.

    I opened a lobby last night and invited you guys. Then I hit the play button hoping it'd allow you to join the match later on but I don't know if that works or not.
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    CSGO really wants you stay until the end of matches. If you don't stay, you don't get XP to level up. Every time you go up a level, you automatically get a loot drop. There are also random loot drops at the end of the round, meaning you can get loot even if you aren't leveling up, but it's less common. Or you can buy the weapons or buy keys to unlock cases to get weapons.

    Knives are the most valuable. They cost around $300 in real world money and are extremely rare.

    Also in competitive leaving a match = temporary ban from the game. Casual of course you can leave at any time, but you won't get loot.
  4. rainbow six siege is about to get an indoors version of de_dust soon in the new dlc.
  5. I'm holding close to 1:1 now... but man this game is too long. I usually get matched into a server with 3-6 rounds left. But I never make it through the next maps 15 to get XP. Ain't nobody got time for that.


    I'll give you this... the hitboxes are a lot better in this game than Source. And the elemental damage through walls/boxes is a throwback to CS1.6. Didn't even realize it until today that you can shoot through just about anything.


    Funny you mention R6. This game plays closer to that than classic CS, imo. The old games you could go stealth and teamwork. But you could do pretty well as a rails shooter too. That element seems to be missing from CS:Go. But I've only played < 2 hours so it's all assumption.


    Micro-transactions... I guess that abomination is the way of the future.
  6. I haven't really compared the two games directly for round length but it does seem like GO has too many rounds and the rounds last too long. The hostage maps can be the worst. Most everyone will die in the beginning then the few stranglers will somehow manage to get a hostage just before time runs out and then the game gives them an additional minute to do the rescue. It becomes a snooze fest watching noobs like myself just wander around lost in casual until time is up. Worse case scenario it's 15 rounds at 3 minutes so 45 minutes a match. Of course the average is probably much closer to 25 minutes.
  7. enable the developer console in the settings

    open with ` key

    bind "F5" "toggle voice_enable"

    Press F5 to mute everyone when the internet gangsters start screaming into their mics or playing bad music. If they take their ritalin and start behaving properly you can press F5 again to reenable voice.
  8. I don't mean the game literally takes too long. But since I'm playing with strangers instead of server regulars I have no attachment to the round after death. It makes the waiting feel longer.

    Also, I usually play a couple minutes at a time. The whole 30-45 straight session is kinda annoying to me. I'm only doing it for the XP.

    Anyway, I went straight John Wick for 2 achievements

  9. Sorry I had to leave the match. My wife came home as we were playing.

    I was kind of sucking. I have no familiarity with the maps from this operation. I had no idea where to even go on that cruise ship map, lol.

    I randomly got a case, which I will probably sell.
  10. LOL you were the 2nd best on the team after than 20-4 guy. My team sucked since I was the best one. I'm convinced our PVC team would do very well against pub players. As soon as ham and cheese gets his shit together we'll give it a go.
  11. Well being sick the last 2 days... I dumped a bunch of hours into this game. The improved hit-box makes it less aggravating than Source and is superior in every way other than my custom map CS:S server.

    I am convinced the SG 553 is the best overall gun in the game, if not too overpowered. The CT equivalent AUG is just not as versatile... seems to do less damage per hit.

    Do tricked out versions of gun impact anything but aesthetics? I might cave in and do a micro-transaction. I'm too lazy to look into anything for myself. It wasn't until today I realized matches are best of 15... I've been wondering why the map would change when it still said X rounds left lol.
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    I paid over $2 for the M4A-1-S skin because I used the M4 with silencer in Source about 90% of the time. I also play CT about 90% of the time. Anyway after using it I realized it kind of sucks. It's more accurate than the regular M4 like in Source but it only comes with 40 rounds so if you ever get pinned down in defense or spray it you'll be stuck with your side arm real quick.

    Skins are only aesthetic but the're also special version that track the kills made with the gun.
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    Yep, the SG553 is now the best assault rifle. The first shot is dead on accurate. It has a high rate of fire. It does more damage, has better armor penetration, and a tighter shot pattern than the AK-47. It also has a nice scope. It's really easy to pop people in the head with it at range, or spray when close up.

    People avoid it because the SIG/Krieg from previous CS games was mediocre. I'm certain if more people used the SG553, it would get nerfed for being way overpowered.

    The AUG seems slightly more accurate with a tighter shot pattern, but the lower rate of fire, lower damage, high price tag of $3300, and the very long reload time make it less useful. I like the AUG at long range, but it's not nearly as versatile as the SG.

    The AK-47 has been heavily nerfed. It's not as accurate, doesn't have the range it used to have, the rate of fire is lower, and is has a wider shot pattern. It doesn't have that dead on accurate first shot it used to have. In fact, because of the wide spray pattern, the first shot is actually pretty unpredictable. You have no idea if it's going to go where you're aiming. It's probably only slightly better than the FAMAS and Galil now, and definitely reflects its $2700 price. If you have another $300, the SG553 is a way better buy. It actually seems more like the real world AK now. The real AK isn't very accurate and doesn't have great range. It's mainly known for being sturdy and reliable in tough conditions like mud and rain, and ubiquitous because the USSR produced so many of them.

    The M4 is now two guns. The M4A4 is kind of like an SMG on steroids. It's pretty effective at close and medium range, but it's not great at long range. The exact opposite is true of the M4A1-S.

    As far as pistols go the Five-Seven and Deagle are good as always, but I'd also recommend giving the P250 a try. It's only $300 and it's surprisingly good and a big upgrade over the starting pistols.
  14. M4A1-S has the accuracy at long range but it's not powerful enough for a helmet headshot. That makes it pretty risky to start shooting long distances against a T with a SG553 or AK which can 1 shot kill at any distance. I like the Aug but it slows movement a lot and that 4 second reload time is worse than an AWP.
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    The 20 round magazine also makes the M4A1-S kind of risky. It's very easy to eat through that quickly, be left reloading, and get shot.

    My go to assault rifles are SG553 for T, and M4A4 for CT.

    Autosnipers are also massively improved in this game. The SCAR is so good, using it feels like cheating.

    I'd say that the prices of guns now mostly reflect how good they are. Even the machine guns are pretty decent now. Ever try the negev? If you can master its spray pattern, it's insane in close quarters fighting. You can easily kill 4 or 5 people with it at once.
  16. I always do auto-select. But now I think going T w/ SG553 will give you a good grasp of the game without getting owned.
  17. I always chose CT just because I wanted the silencer on the M4. I also prefer to play defense and the maps seem to be about 2:1 with bomb vs hostage.
  18. Something else to keep in mind is that the P90 has been nerfed in this version of CS. In Source you could absolutely shred people with it at close range. In GO I think the XM1014 is actually a way better close range weapon. I was just playing office and killed five people all at once with it.
  19. The auto shotty was always amazing in office. People used to call it the noob cannon because anyone could waste the first few guys in a rush but then die while it took 6 seconds to reload. The UMP actually seems useful in GO. I remember people would buy it in Source just so everyone would laugh when they got a kill with it.
  20. After careful consideration I've concluded the M4a1-S is the way to go CT side. Devastating damage if you can control it in 3 round bursts. 20 rounds will probably get you killed in 3v1 or more. But that is likely to happen anyway.

    The Galil is still good for mowing down grouped enemies. I always preferred it to P90.

    Got a Friday wedding so should be suitably hungover to play on Saturday if/when you guys are free EST.