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  2. I use a default Lenovo KB/M and don't even have a mouse pad. When my movements slow down too much I flip it over and blow the dirt out. I'm also rocking a Dell UltraSharp 17" square monitor at 1280x1024 on a Intel GPU.

    I keeps it real.
  3. So basically your setup hasn't changed since Counter-strike came out in 1999.
  4. Bhahaha. That is certainly keeping it real. That 5:4 screen must feel like you're looking through a toilet paper tube while playing.
  5. man, a monitor like that in 1999 was quite legit. hell playing a game with a resolution like that required a gaming graphics card. when i downloaded the first beta of counter-strike in 1999, i was on a college budget so my system was as follows

    cyrix m2 300mhz rated cpu (performed like a pentium 233 with no mmx)
    metabyte voodoo2 card
    ?? ram
    14" 800x600 svga monitor

    actually, i dont even think you could go higher than 800x600 on the voodoo 2 cards.

    that cyrix cpu was a legit piece of shit though. worst god damn bottleneck ever. I didn't know shit back then so it was a good lesson. i could've just dropped a little more and got intel's poster child back then, the celeron 300mhz coppermine that oc'd to 450mhz. but i quickly graduated to the amd 700mhz thunderbird and geforce 2 gts after that.
  6. Oh my god I'v been trying to remember the name of that chip maker for a while now. Cyrix. Pretty sure I had the same same chip in an eMachine. Remember eMachines! supersonic does because he's still using one to run that monitor.

  7. I remember Cyrix used to sell "586" upgrade CPUs that you could drop into old 386 and 486 motherboards that would supposedly make them perform more like Pentiums. I think in reality those upgrade CPUs ran like shit.
  8. The downfall with the cyrix and amd processors were the super weak fpu's. Even when amd introduced their k6-2 with 3dnow to address it, it still didn't even compete with the pentium 2 at the time.
  9. The lenovo used to be a HTPC until I replaced it with a HP Stream Mini. It works like a champ for the 3 games I play:

    Counter-Strike Source
    Counter-Strike Global Offense
    Cookie Clicker

    I actually have a capable i7-3770k with 32GB ram and 256GB SSD with 2x 24" Dell 1080p edge to edge monitors... I just never fully unpacked and set it up after I last moved. I can get by on phone & tablet these days.
  10. Maybe the 586 but the 686s did in fact run faster than Pentiums. I remember my community college computer lab director whom I'll call The Mullet Master would brag about how his 486 system could smoke a Pentium. The guy was brutal. Oh you didn't manually save your WordPerfect document to the floppy drive? It's gone forever so get over it! Now watch me while I install this bitchin version of DOS 7.1.
  11. Is it possible to win a Pub match on Assault as CT? I think not. It seems so heavily stacked in T's. If they stay away from the windows, they can pick off the CT's as they try to breach the 3 entry points... You almost need a coordinated plan of attack to play that map. I'm actually really mad after playing and rage quitting lol.
  12. Yes it's possible. Maybe you just had a bad team? Pick off as many T's as possible with an autosniper or aug through the three windows on top of the building. Then breach through the doors on the side of the building.
  13. I choose to play CT 95% of the time. The 5% of the time I don't play on Assault. In my experience, the CTs can win if they camp after the 4th straight round of losing. By that time the Ts get so bored and start coming outside to get picked off. I've also seen the CTs win if they got some master snipers working that outside top door.
  14. I do auto-select nearly 100% of the time... the team yesterday was pretty atrocious. It was just the top 3 vs 9 on T. Will have to try auto-sniper next time. I don't explore weapons as much as I should.

    I think I'm officially off CS:Source now. I loved my old Source servers, but it feels like Half Life team death match compared to CS:GO. This game is quite tactical even in regular pub mode.
  15. Pretty much the main use for the autosniper in the game is covering those three roof windows on Assault. Give it a try. With CTs autosniping the map is more balanced than you might be thinking.
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  16. Well in Source the autosniper was banned on most servers and I only played on AWP free servers so that left the scout. Most players aren't very good at using it so the CTs were always hosed.
  17. That was a solid pro tip. The combo of auto-sniper and better team really helps close the gap. It's not even close compared to the AUG, since I can get kills shooting at feet. There is a small learning curve of ideal approach for each window, and the gun itself is pricey. I went no-buy the first 2 rounds just to get it.

    We lost 8-5, but it kept the match competitive and fun compared to the 8-1 blowout I was raging over yesterday. Most of the losses were on time. We'd repeatedly have an alive players advantage but just couldn't get to the hostie fast enough.
  18. lol auto-select finally made me a T on Assault... We did a clean 8-0 sweep, and I went on a 17-0 run. Gives you an idea how stacked this map is. I'm a mediocre player on a good day.

  19. The time limit is a killer. If I've played that map 500 times I've probably only seen a hostage rescue 5 times.
  20. lol you guys must play with some really bad teams. I've seen CTs dominate on Assault and rescue the hostages plenty of times.