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  1. Is gambling on the box keys a scam? I wanted to upgrade my SG and M4 skins. But I was able to buy some for 10 cents instead of $2.50 on the key.

    Also, the new map split kinda sucks.
  2. There are some videos showing the odds and it seems pretty clear that a person is better off paying for the skin they want vs paying for the keys. You can pretty much upgrade all your weapons to the cheap skins or even one nice skin for your favorite gun for $2.50. I actually got lucky with a key and got a rare skin worth about $6 but it's for a gun I never use.
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  3. What neither one of you are taking into consideration is people trying to get knives. Cheapest knife right now is $45. Many of them cost several hundred dollars.
  4. I dunno... I'm pretty close to spending $45 with nothing to show for it. I have duplicates of guns I never use. I think I've spent around $30 with a resell value of maybe $4.
  5. Have you guys tried the MP7?

    LOL this gun seems to be calibrated for Source. A signature spray and pray gun that works really well. I did paper rush with it and got 7 people one round.

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    Yeah the MP7 is much more powerful than the MP5 from Source, 1.6, etc. I'm less of a fan of the P90 than I was in Source and tend to go with the MP7. The MP7 is cheaper and has laser-like accuracy at close range and decent armor penetration. I find the spray pattern on the P90 in GO tough to compensate for, and it costs as much as an assault rifle. The P90 has a huge mag and great armor penetration, but I don't think it's really worth $2350 unless you are playing on a close range map like Office and don't plan to buy an assault rifle.

    Although the best bang for the buck SMG is the UMP45. It's $1200 and it has very decent range, stopping power, and accuracy that mostly make up for the slow rate of fire and 25 round magazine.
  7. I've been using the MP7 early to conserve cash for later rounds. On the T-side, the MP7 + Tec 9 make a formidable combo. Really good at clearing out the B team campers after the A players are dead. The P90 got nerfed. I never buy it but occasionally pick it up when I run out of ammo.
  8. The P90 has poor accuracy and an annoying spray pattern now. I don't like guns that require large amounts of recoil compensation like the M4A4, AK47, or P90. You might think I like the AK47 because I have so many kills with it. It's mostly that I pick them up off of dead people so much. On CT side I typically buy an M4A1-S and T side Sig553.
  9. Sold my first gun... unopened *rare* AK47 - Elite Build for $3.01 buy it now!!!
  10. Whats the story on round 1 buy? Seems utterly stupid not to buy the Tec 9 on T-side... it's basically a SMG with a low rate of fire. But on CT I'm thinking saving money is the proper action.

    Also, you guys good at AWPs? I suck with it and need to practice. But it's too expensive to fuck up in game... sets you back to round 1 money. Also, I heard low ping is important if you're awping?
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    I like both the Tec 9 and 57. Tec 9 is a like a semi-auto SMG. The 57 has laser like accuracy, a big magazine, and good armor penetration. Both are no brainers for Round 1.

    With the AWP the first magnification level is easier to use. You rarely need to use the second magnification level. Slow down and take careful shots. Almost any hit on an enemy will be a one shot kill. Also keep in mind that the auto sniper may be a better choice depending on the situation. The auto works better than the AWP against massed groups of enemies armed with assault rifles and SMGs, but it's outclassed by an enemy with an AWP and it struggles at very long ranges. I use both all the time and like them both for different situations.
  12. Pretty much played CS:GO all day yesterday.... I found that it's extremely difficult to hold office (T-Side) without some AWPers on your team. Since my team couldn't give any fucks I tried to fill in. I'm OK at hitting peekers and idiot rushers. But some of the opposing AWPers would pop into place where my scope was already pointed and fire a shot before me. Amazing and frustrating at the same time. Somebody was saying those scenarios can come down to ping times with the server.

    The more I play this the more I recognize small attention to details. On paper it's the same game from 1999, but it's been overhauled phenomenally well. The SOP in Source was to rush stairway with the AWP or AK and pick them off in spawn. That will almost certainly get you killed now and strategy is a significant factor from the old run and gun days.

    On a side note, I still play Source occasionally on a specialty map server. It happened to rotate to regular office, it felt good to run around with the P90 on Source. LOL.
  13. An old clan teammate convinced me to play competitive with him. I've been declining because of the warning about 90 minute matches. He assured me the average match is only about 30 minutes, which was pretty accurate.

    It brings a whole new element to the game.
    - 5 v 5
    - friendly fire on
    - collision detection on
    - ghosting free camera off
    - ghosting team tracking only

    Oddly, it appears your teammates can hear you even when dead though... unless they were mic'd up on ventrillo.

    I feel like this mode is heavily stacked against the defenders. On a rescue map, 5 T's have to spread thin and cover 3 hostages. On a defuse map, the CT's have to cover 2 bomb sites. If the offensive team was smart, they would rush all 5 into one area dominate. This surprisingly didn't happen even once...

    Competitive was a real mood killer. I did so bad Valve actually banned me from competitive play for 21 hours LOL

  14. I watched professional play on Twitch. Even with announcers it was boring. It was all about getting in the right position and not making a mistake. The matches went on for a long time without much of anything happening.
  15. You guys want to do a competitive match tomorrow? @bfun did you get your new mouse?
  16. Yeah and I kick ass!..not. Full palm grip is comfortable but doesn't work the best for twitch shooters. What time you thinking? I got a Birthday Party at some point tomorrow although I'm not sure when it is.
  17. I'll join you guys. Will be driving home from a wedding tomorrow morning but should be available in the afternoon.
  18. I don't have a mic so this will be a shit show on competitive. I'm free late afternoon or early evening (EST).
  19. My idiot team left me in a clutch or kick scenario 1 v 7 on Dust2. I actually got 6 of the fuckers before dying and getting voted off. I think I play too much, since my first reaction was to think I had it coming lol.
  20. Sorry I couldn't join. I had to put my dog down and celebrate a birthday so my day was shot.