Crysis 3

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  1. I wasn't thrilled with Crysis 2. It was a rail shooter with console graphics. This is looking equally fucking lame, except now you have a bow for some reason. The Crysis franchise has really gotten away from what it was supposed to be in the first place: a hardcore PC shooter with state of the art graphics and open-ended gameplay.

    The funny thing is that Crytek turned Crysis 2 into a consolized Halo clone to try to win over the console kiddies, and it didn't even sell that well on consoles. Console kiddies had never heard of Crysis and none of them cared about the game. Meanwhile they alienated their main fanbase on PC.

    It's sad because they used to be one of the best PC developers. FarCry and Crysis were both awesome.
  2. We need hellripper to come back for this topic. That would be interesting.
  3. They've said it will be more open ended and play a lot more like the first this time. Also, the DX11 support is now native to the latest version of the engine. Tessellation will hopefully be used in a somewhat sane way, not on concrete blocks with 1 million poly's on flat surfaces that look the same as their 100 poly DX9 counterparts just so Nvidia graphics cards can look a bit better.

    I don't really get excited about shooters anymore, but I do crave an actual slightly open ended game of any type and Crysis 1 was pretty damn good for this. So if they can do it, I'll be in, but definitely no day one purchase.
  4. Crysis is one of those must own games for anyone who plays games on a PC. I didn’t even bother to get Crysis 2.
  5. I didn't even bother with Crysis... go figure.
  6. You're a weirdo.
  7. supposed to be? lol
  8. tried it, didn't like it. tried warhead too. didn't like it. go figure.

    i think the main reason i didn't really get excited when crysis launched was because of wow. yep yep.
  9. Wow kind of shit all over PC gaming for awhile there. You had 12 million people who weren't willing to play anything else.
  10. One of my friends played nothing but WoW after it first came out. I don't think he tried anything else on his PC. In fact, he never upgraded his PC after he got WoW. Now I think he's a console gamer. Wow. :eek:
  11. Wow... indeed. That's kind of depressing. I'm glad I didn't take a turn for the worse in that stage.

    I mean I did miss crysis.. and never finished Half-Life 2. But I didn't go so far as to lose all interest in PC gaming. I can't even recall any other titles between end of 2004 - 2008..

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  13. The ending is pretty good. You should finish it.
  15. I got Crysis to run on Max on 1080p resolution last year. It was a game that even today amazes me how much detail they added in.

    What's the best graphics PC game at the moment?
  16. I think that the current graphics king is Battlefield 3.
  17. Metro 2033 running under DX11 also has some of the best graphics I've seen on PC.