Damn Americanisms

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  1. Some of these are ok but a lot of them do nothing more than facilitate the dumbing down of our native tongue. Number 50 especially gets my goat as it directly expresses the opposite sentiment of the one the speaker is trying to convey, madness!
  2. Languages evolve so you're stuffed. If that worries people then I could care less.
  3. The native language of the land in which you were born and raised is slowly being dumbed down by people saying things like "I could care less", "I hate when people do that" and "winningest". Look what the internet has done to people's spelling and grammar. Evolution would imply that some sort of improvements are being made, what we're talking about here is more like the degradation of the English language by letting bad spelling, bad grammar and nonsensical phrases like "chillax" run wild, and that doesn't worry you?
  4. No worries, takings a chill pill home slice. No matter dude.
  5. Chavs are butchering your language much worse than Americans.
  6. I'm sure people bitched and moaned in the 19th century about language changing. It evolves with time. That's the nature of it. You ever read any original Chaucer or Shakespeare? Thats a world away from the English we use now.
  7. The only one that irks me is "I could care less"
  8. You're obsessed with that saying. Obsessed.
  9. Despite technically being modern English, a lot of it is practically incomprehensible, which is why most texts include footnotes with modern translations. Even worse would be writings in Middle English or Old English, which are essentially foreign languages to modern English speakers. Language drift is inevitable, and the English language is already a mash up of a bunch of other languages.

    I guarantee you if you stepped into a time machine and went 500 years into the future, the people there might be speaking English, but it would be incomprehensible to you due to language drift.
  10. A lot of those aren't Americanisms, but corporate-speak.
  11. True. This thread just seems like an excuse for Armadeadn to hate on Americans.

    Successful American TV shows have long runs that go for many years. Brits call a season a series because that's often all their shows get, one or maybe two seasons, and that's the whole show. I was surprised when I started watching British TV shows like The Office and Black Books how short some of their runs were.
  12. Hooray for a bunch of people getting angry over trivial changes to the English language.
  13. They have decent shows in the UK like Sherlock but it sucks having to wait on them to produce 3 episodes a year. It's physicality impossible to provide 24/7 entertainment at that rate. Can I get atleast 10 episodes lasting for a half hour, like the fake cable channels produce? Three-time award winners running for 5 years in the UK is about one season in America. I suppose it is what it is, going forward I'll watch watch Australian shows. It's the least worst option.
  14. That is so true. But their gobbledeegook seems to only be limited to inner city youths and not the masses. I don't mind our language changing as long as the changes make sense, which a lot don't.
  15. True. I use "touch base" at work all the time but never outside of work.
  16. You're young yet you already act like an old man. Think about it. What you speak today isn't similar to what your ancestors spoke, or your ancestor's ancestor, etc. You have to get used to changes. You can't live life so short-sighted.
  17. Chillax dudebro!
  18. That is totes lies, I'll bet you use a lot of bad phrases but you don't even realise it.
  19. I don't talk like a twat if that's what you're implying.
  20. Ever googled anything?