Daniel Craig rejects $100M for Bond25

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  1. Dude turned down a $100M offer..... a feat so impressive in itself, he should be paid $10M for performing it. Rumors suggest people like Tom Hiddleston, Damien Lewis, Idris Elba. But I think they are going to pick a relatively low-profile candidate.

    I hope they work on the story. I haven't like a Bond movie in a long time. I thought only Casino Royale was good, and QoS was OK. The other 2 were long and boring.

    This could be a potential publicity drum up, since DC is contracted for a 5th movie. They may not let him out if they can't find a suitable replacement.
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    You can only Blue Steel and Magnum your way through so many bad movies I guess.

    Casino Royale wasn't even that good. I attribute its high score on IMDB to hyperboobinflation because of Eva Green. This is why Casino Royale has an 8/10 on IMDB:




    Without Eva Green looking totally hot throughout the movie, Casino Royale would be boring and lame like all the other Daniel Craig 007 movies, and would score no higher than a 6/10.

    Daniel Craig may be the worst Bond, but Eva Green was one of the best Bond girls of all time.
  3. Yeah but after taxes it's like what...$35M? Hardly worth it.
  4. The newer Bond movies must be more financially successful than I ever imagined if they really offered $100M.
  5. @cmdrmonkey

    You're right... hyperboobinflation and coming off of Die Another Day probably made it seem much better than it was. It's an unpopular opinion, but Quantum of Solace was a great stripped down non-stop action movie. It gets criticized heavily for not being a Bond movie, but Bond movies are boring.
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    They aren't usually boring though. The Pierce Brosnan movies were action packed. Same with the Sean Connery and Roger Moore movies. The Sean Connery and especially Roger Moore Bond movies were also frequently hilarious parodies of themselves with great one liners, over the top villains, and absurd sexual names for the Bond girls. Bond movies being boring and deathly serious is entirely a Daniel Craig thing. They tried too hard to mimic the Bourne movies, and picked an actor who lacks charisma and a sense of humor.

    Goldeneye, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice. None of those movies are boring or serious. They're funny and action packed. You Only Live Twice might be my favorite because it has ninja commandos, a villain who is literally Dr Evil, and Bond killing dudes in a miniature helicopter.

    Kingsman The Secret Service is a far better Bond movie than anything with Daniel Craig. Kingsman is actually like the old Bond movies. Daniel Craig is not really playing Bond and his movies aren't really anything like classic Bond movies. He's an underwear model playing a bad knockoff of Jason Bourne.

    This is what Bond is supposed to be: action packed, sexy, funny



    Instead we got four movies of this:

  7. It's unpopular because QoS is one of the worst Bond movies ever made. Even the title is a mistake.
  8. I don't think some of the sexy from the old bond movies would be socially acceptable today. A movie can show boobs or even soft porn but this "dumb blond" ass slap would cause a riot.

  9. Political correctness and feminism ruin everything.
  10. You really believe that?
  11. People are fickle. If Daniel Craig does it in a serious Bond Movie then yes. If Ben Stiller does it in Zoolander, no.