Daredevil on Netflix

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  1. Marvel's Daredevil - Neflix Original Series

    Saw the pilot episode... The cast is pretty good and they do a better job creating 'atmosphere' than Gotham. I like the guy playing Matt Murdock and Vincent D'ONofrio as Kingpin should be epic!

    It suffers from flexible run-time allowances on Netflix though. On a broadcast network they would've needed to trim the fat. As it stands, it's good enough to watch when bored but there is no rush to get to next episode. 5/10
  2. The Ben Douchefleck one that had him as a blind crime fighting lawyer saying shit like "justice is blind!" while fighting a penis head man who murders people with playing cards was so gay, I think I'll pass on this.
  3. Finally got through this. The show improves a lot in the first couple of episodes hitting its peak around episode 8/9. I think I was harsh on it by incorrectly comparing it to traditional TV pilots. It's meant to be binge watched, making the full 13 episode season the pilot. A very good one at that.

    Season 1 is a giant prequel detailing the rise of Wilson Fisk and Matt Murdoch. It isn't until the finale that the characters of Kingpin and Daredevil as we know them come to be. Season 2 would be the true DareDevil show, and given the other NYC based characters in the MCU the cameos could be awesome.

    7/10 - would recommend.
  4. I've watched around 7 episodes I think. Seems pretty good so far. The acrobatic martial arts are a bit corny, as even a janitor or old man seems to be able to pull off flying spinning crescent kick combos and whatnot, but otherwise it's pretty good for a superhero type of show. I still don't completely understand the blind superhero thing just yet, but they have been mentioning things here and there trying to explain it. Fisk seems like an interesting character.
  5. Watched Jessica Jones and Daredevil recently. Thought JJ was good; David Tennant was a great villain and it had a well developed story arc. DD was worse; was OK but really felt like a very drawn out origin story without a great overarching story.
  6. I felt S1 was more an origin story for Kingpin than DD himself. I enjoyed it though, since I like Vincent D'onofrio. Still need to watch Jessica Jones, but I'm just not familiar with these fringe characters they are pushing now.
  7. I liked both Dare Devil and Jessica Jones but had to say I liked Dare Devil a little more. I did find Jessica Jones to be a little more fresh in concept and delivery, so if I had watched it first maybe I would have found DD less appealing. Still, both were well worth the watch and I'm looking forward to more.
  8. Up to episode 8 in season 2. Bit mixed so far; The Punisher is good but DD is such a whiny twat who seems pretty ineffective. He gets on my nerves, as does Elektra.