Dark Souls: Demon Souls Sequel

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  1. No, I've gone under him, but I haven't actually tried to kill him.

    I've also discovered that you can get other extra items besides the Drake Sword by cutting off dragon's tails. I didn't know this before killing the Gaping Dragon or I might have gone for it. Oh, well, there's no way anyone is going to get everything in one playthrough anyway.
  2. Yeah I got an axe for cutting off the belltower gargoyles tail too. Apparently if you kill the boar by going for the head he drops a helmet too but I missed that.
  3. I haven't been the luckiest in terms of drops it seems. I didn't get any weapons from the black knights I've killed, which pisses me off considering how tough it was to take those guys down.

    I found a big stone shield yesterday, but the stat requirements were ridiculously high. I'm not sure which direction I want to go with my character. I was planning on going with a STR build for my first run through, but I'm not so sure now. I'm getting some use out of pyromancy and may put some more points into Attunement. In Demon's Souls, I was very calculated in creating PVP builds, but I am probably going with a more general purpose build for the first time through Dark Souls.

    I feel like I've adjusted to the differences between Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. I'm extremely impressed with the game, and I would not be surprise if it stole some GOTY awards just as Demon's Souls did. I'm not quite as satisfied with the gameplay compared to Demon's Souls, but it has surpassed Demon's Souls in other areas, including level design, at least so far. It's really quite amazing how they have integrated the various areas into one comprehensive world. They are very unique in feel and look, yet I always feel like they are part of one cohesive game world. I've used this example once already, but I can't overstate how satisfying and immersive it is to look up from the forest and see the castle area or look down from the castle bridge and see the forest below. Only the segments of Boletaria in World 1 had that connected feeling that I've been getting from the entire game thusfar in Dark Souls.
  4. I put a lot of souls into STR and DEX to be able to use the black knight sword so I am going to have to carry on that way really.

    I am debating going back to the asylum tonight instead of exploring Darkwood and Deeproot. There is another boss there and apparently a doll in your cell that you need to open up an area later one so now seems as good a time as any to go. Hopefully the boss isn't too dangerous and doesn't render the whole excursion pointless. While there I could also try trading some stuff with the crow to see if I get anything nice.

    I might spend 30 minutes or so being cheap and farming souls at the dragon bridge tonight. Shooting him in the tail will make him kill everyone on the bridge, rinse and repeat and with a bonfire close it should rack up lots of souls in no time at all.
  5. Damn the Capra Demon was hard work, must have taken me at least 15 attempts but I was buzzing when he finally fell.

    The Moonlight Butterfly was very easy and I got a soul from it but don't think I can make the weapons yet as I think I need a different blacksmith other than the 2 I have found.
  6. Good progress tonight.

    Giant rat dead
    Gaping dragon dead
    Firekite dragon dead (glitched but 10,000 souls is worth cheating for)
    Undead dragon in valley of drakes dead
    Great black knight sword acquired
    Blighttown open
    Soul level 33

    The most annoying part was getting rid of curse which the damned frogs gave me. Cost me 5000 souls.
  7. I just got beat down by the boss of Blighttown. Everything was going reasonably well despite the harsh environment until I entered that chamber. I think I need more stamina to defeat it. Usually my strong Pyromancy skills help me out in boss fights, but this thing is fire oriented and probably wouldn't be phased flame attacks. I ran out of juice trying to strike it and block and run from its attacks, losing 10,000 souls in the process. I found tons of interesting gear in the area, including an Eagle Shield, a couple of sets of armor, and a huge club. I may have to look them over to see if a combination of my new stuff will help me out, but I may just have to grind a bit to improve my stamina.

    I also got dominated a couple of days ago by that awful Stray Demon thing in the Asylum. That was quite a surprise the way it "introduces" itself in that area. It was the AoE attack that was causing me so much grief. I think I lost another 8,000 souls there.
  8. should get this tomorrow if I can find a decent deal... any (American) deal hawks out there know of any?? xbox version only btw...
  9. I started to wander into Blighttown and the first enemy hit me really hard and nearly killed me. I did have curse at the time so I ran back to firelink to heal up.

    I was thinking of hitting up the asylum next so that I can gain a few more souls.
  10. Has this got a Morrowind style open world?
  11. No is the simple answer.

    It is a single world setting but its more like a castle town than anything else.


    There are a lot of places you can't see on that map as there are underground areas etc. You find a lot of shortcuts as you move along. I can now get from the starting area (firelink shrine) to the area I just opened up (blighttown) within 1 or 2 minutes but its taken me 10 hours in game time to get here.
  12. There are more of those guys later, especially near the end. A couple of Fire Orbs takes their power down to near death. I'm considering trying out the Drake Sword on the boss. I realized after I had fought him (and lost) that the fire resistance added by the sword might have helped in that battle.
  13. I accidentally hit the pyromancer teacher so he hates me. I think I read somewhere that you can pay that chap in the belltower to take away your sins and NPC's go back to normal? I had to kill him first time because he wouldn't leave me alone after I hit him trying to get him out of the battle.
  14. I don't play much but the game is tough, really. I am past Tauron and still unable to find a bonfire in the Undead Parish. There's a giant armored boar with his herd and I die sooner or later somewhere past him. Will try again tomorrow.
  15. I joined the chaos covenant after taking down Quelaag. I didn't expect there to be yet another boss 2 minutes later. I'm glad I spent my souls immediately before on 2 levels and +9 pyromancy. Too bad pyromancy is useless where I am right now.
  16. I found what seems to be secret areas called Great Hollow and Ash Lake thanks to some signs left by people online. I haven't tried to defeat the creatures in Ash Lake. I retreated so I didn't lose my souls.

    The Demon Ruins area is ridiculously hard. I counted 7 or 8 mini-Capra Demon's at least. I grabbed a few treasures and turned back. I tried sprinting through and ran into a huge sealed door. Who knows what would have been waiting for me behind that thing considering how hard the rest of the area was.

    The Gold-Hemmed set is incredible compared to what I had.
  17. I haven't got much farther as I had to grind 66,000 souls to absolve my sins as I accidentally hit the blacksmith near the church. It cost 2000 x your soul level and mine was 33. Couldn't use the forest covenant grind cheat as I hadn't purxhased the item to open thus door before I hit him.

    Did the grind at the asylum, killed 6 zombies for 720 souls, rested and repeated. Pretty quick really allthings considered and I think it took 1.5 hours tops.

    There is a huge hydra at the bottom of the hollow in the lake. I ran away from the crystal giants too.
  18. I saw a multi-headed dragon approaching and opted to Homeward Bone out of there and use the 12,000 souls I was carrying for a soul level and repairs.

    Is the boss there like that thing in Dark Root Basin? Those water attacks hit pretty hard. I haven't tried to kill that beast.

    BTW, leaches in Blighttown are awesome for farming basic upgrade materials.
  19. Anor Londo is very impressive. It looks huge. There are some very nasty critters roaming around there, including a titinite demon and what looked like a dragon (just saw a glimpse; didn't go in yet thanks to a warning message). I found the second bonfire and some awesome but extremely heavy gear, Havel's set. I plan on using the helmet eventually when my endurance is high enough. The area I'm at is inhabited by mostly silver knights. My stamina and gear is high enough that they aren't too tough one-on-one. Those harpy things were a pain in the ass, however, as they did lightning damage, which is hard to block.

    Some of the stat requirements of this stuff is unreal. I think I found something that requires 50 STR! Then you have to think about how much END you'd need just to wield something like that effectively. NG+++ gear.

    I'm hoping to find a better blacksmith soon. I want to upgrade my Zweihander+10 to a Lightning Zweihander, which should do about 500 damage if I'm estimating correctly. Right now I'm using a Lightning Spear+2, which I wish I had upgraded a bit further before I came to this place. I'd recommend buying the best set of gauntlets (Catarina?) from the merchant in Sen's Fortress; they are quite nice even though they look a bit oversized and strange.
  20. Killed the chaos witch and got back out of Blighttown (thank god). Killed the Hydra and picked up the elite knight armour (leveled most of it up to +5) and got my black knight sword to +4.